Rockland District Middle School recently announced its Eagles of the Month for November and December. All Eagle candidates were nominated by staff members and then chosen via an Eagle committee prior to a school-wide announcement. Each Eagle receives a recognition certificate, an Eagle sweatshirt and a field trip opportunity at the end of the year.

The November Eagles were Curran Grant (grade six), Lauren Merritt (grade eight) and Chris Weiss (grade seven).

Grant is the son of Darlene and David Grant. He participated in cross country. He enjoys music, science, Greek mythology, reading, art, animals, space, French, German, lost civilizations and zoology. He is consistently on the honor roll.

Merritt is the son of Lauren Merritt Sr. and Myra Haskell. He participated in soccer. He enjoys drawing, watching movies, playing video games, and spending time with friends and family. He is consistently on the honor roll.

Weiss is the son of Bill and Donna Weiss. He participated in football and wrestling. He is occasionally on the honor roll.

The December Eagles were Sadie Lake-Grierson (grade eight), Abigail Lacasse (grade six) and Jessica Baron (grade seven).

Lake-Grierson is the daughter of Melissa Grierson. She participated in the Civil Rights Team and chorus. She enjoys piano, writing and drawing. She is occasionally on the honor roll.

Lacasse is the daughter of Suzanne and Robert Lacasse. She participated in basketball, softball, Destination Imagination and Girl Scouts. She enjoys basketball and drawing. She is consistently on the honor roll.

Baron is the daughter of Mark and Karen Baron. She enjoys walking. She is occasionally on the honor roll.