Owls Head students sponsor fundraiser for Haiti

Mrs. Callaway’s third-grade class will be sponsoring a fundraiser next week to raise money to send to the earthquake-shattered country of Haiti. This project came about because of a social studies lesson about what it means to be a good citizen. The children have planned this fundraiser on their own, and are now asking for your help.

The first piece of the fundraiser will be to give each classroom a can to put donations in. There will also be a can in the office for anyone wishing to contribute there. The cans will be out from Monday, Jan. 25 to Thursday, Jan. 28. Any amount you or your child would like to give will be greatly appreciated.

Next, we will be having a week-long bottle drive. Bottles can be dropped off in Mrs. Callaway’s classroom any morning from Jan. 25 to Jan. 28 before 8 a.m. or after 3 p.m. Mr. Sommo and Mrs. Callaway will take the bottles each day to a redemption center to turn them in.

The final event will be a Hat Day sponsored by the class on Friday, Jan. 29. When students arrive for the morning, they will need to put a minimum of $1 in a can to be allowed to wear a hat in school all day. A few third-graders will be waiting in the cafeteria in the morning to collect that money.

Our goal is to have all money counted before the end of the day on Friday, Jan. 29 so a total can be announced at the end of the day so our whole community will know the amount we have raised. Mrs. Callaway will then be sure the money is sent to Haiti through one of the many organizations collecting money.

The children are very excited about this piece of community service, and we hope you all will help make this fundraiser a huge success.

Thank you,

Jackie, Brendan, Dayton, Mattie, Hayley N., Lexie, Haylee, Robbie, Avery, Annie, Cole,  Dylan, Josh, Timothy and Mrs. Callaway
Owls Head Central School

Thanks for care

Late last year my husband and I went to the emergency room at Penobscot Bay Medical Center because he was experiencing severe stomach pains. He was admitted to the Special Care Unit and it was determined that his gallbladder needed to be removed. He was scheduled for surgery the next day and successfully had the gallbladder removed.

After that everything went wrong. He was unable to breathe on his own (due to blood clots in his lungs, but we didn’t know that then), so after he was extubated (had the tube taken out of his lungs), they had to do it all over again. It was soon evident there was a lot going wrong and he was transported to Maine Medical Center in Portland where he spent two weeks battling the clots, pneumonia and a bad reaction to the dye that was used, which damaged his kidneys. It seemed that anything that could go wrong, went wrong with him. Thad is home now and mending slowly although his kidneys are still a major issue and we don’t know what will happen in the near future with that.

That all being said, we would like to give our thanks to everyone who assisted in Thad’s care both at PBMC and MMC. To a person, the doctors, nurses, and all other units never forgot he was a person and not just a patient. He was treated with dignity and respect, we were kept up to date constantly and while I wish this hadn’t happened, I am grateful to everyone for making that part of the journey as easy as possible.

We would like to especially thank Dr. Anderson (our surgeon) for the special care she put into helping us and Dr. Ben Mailloux for agreeing to take Thad on as a patient and monitor his progress when we left Portland.

Jennifer and Thad Grotton