A $750,000 lien has been placed on a Warren woman’s property after a judge agreed that Camden National Corporation is more than likely to win a lawsuit against its former employee.

And a second lawsuit has been filed against Christina L. Torres-York by the Maine Contractors and Builders Alliance Inc., which claims the former bank worker used her position as its treasurer and at the bank to siphon off nearly $80,000.

Camden National acknowledged in October that the Federal Bureau of Investigation was helping to solve the case of unauthorized transactions of up to $850,000 after the company’s security group discovered that an employee had engaged in a series of improper and unauthorized transactions. The name of the employee had not been released, however.

The FBI has not commented on the case. No criminal charges have been filed.

VillageSoup, however, recently found a lien filed at the Knox County Registry of Deeds in which a Maine 6th District Court judge agreed to place a lien of $750,000 on Torres-York’s property based on information provided by Camden National Corporation. The lien refers to a lawsuit in District Court.

The lien was filed Nov. 24.

“Upon written motion, and upon testimony by affidavit, the court finds that there is clear danger that if Defendant Christina Torres-York is notified in advance of the attachment and trustee process, defendant will otherwise take steps to make assets unavailable to satisfy any judgment,” the order by the judge stated.

The judge further ordered that a check held by Actuarial Designs and Solutions be deposited in Torres-York’s checking account in her name at Camden National Bank, which is immediately eligible for trustee process. Actuarial Designs & Solutions is a Maine company that provides pension and retirement consulting. The amount of the check was not revealed.

The investigation was triggered when a Camden National employee started to research a customer’s account at the request of the customer. The research elevated within the company and the bank’s security group stepped in.

The employee is no longer with the bank, the company announced in October.

A separate lawsuit was filed Jan. 21 in Knox County Superior Court by Maine Contractors and Builders Alliance Inc., also known as Mid Coast Builders Alliance Inc., from Camden. The organization is a nonprofit corporation with a stated mission of improving the building industry while providing quality housing for Maine people.

Torres-York served as its volunteer treasurer for several years until she resigned from the post under threat of removal on Nov. 13, according to the lawsuit.

The lawsuit also states that Torres-York was employed by Camden National Bank in Camden until she was fired around October.

Mid Coast Builders maintained a checking account at Camden National, a checking account at Bangor Savings Bank, and a line of credit at Bangor Savings.

Between Jan. 1, 2009 and Nov. 13, 2009, Torres-York withdrew, without authorization, $79,841 from the association. The lawsuit cites several instances of her withdrawing money from the Bangor Savings account held by the association made out to Camden National but the money was never deposited in the Camden National accounts.

The association’s checks that York made out to Camden National were cashed by her at Camden National and she took the cash, the association’s lawsuit states.

The association stated that when it heard about the large misappropriation of money from Camden National it checked with Torres-York and learned she was the subject of the investigation. The organization was soon contacted by law enforcement officials.

She was asked to resign from the association and she did. But the association’s lawsuit states that she retains some of its property including checks, bills, statements, and other financial records and has not responded to requests to return them.