Two structure fires were reported Friday afternoon in Knox County, but both turned out to be minor in nature.

Sometime after 2 p.m. Friday, Friendship firefighters were called to 9 Drews Lane off Route 220 for a fire reported at the home of Philip Reed.

Electrical heat tape used to keep snow off the roof and out of the gutter had melted, according to Fire Chief Philip Bramhall. The fire department was called after smoke was seen rising from the roof.

No one was injured and damage was minimal, Bramhall said.

He said the fire may have been caused by workers Reed had hired to shovel off the roof. They might have hit the tape with a shovel, Bramhall said.

A little later in the afternoon a fire was reported at 43 and 45 Warren St. in Rockland. The fire seemed to be electrical in nature. No one was injured but there was some damage to the outside of the building.