Two hundred acres of wooded land between Friendship Road and Finntown Road were recently placed under conservation easement with the Medomak Valley Land Trust. Thanks to the generosity of Rick Skoglund and Martha Kalina of Waldoboro, the land will remain protected forever.

The property, known as Dirigowoods, runs east from Friendship Road and abuts other conserved parcels on Finntown Road. It lies in the midst of Medomak Valley Land Trust’s Three Brooks focus area, which is part of the largest roadless tract of land (7,000 acres) on a coastal peninsula between the New Hampshire border and the Camden Hills. With the donation of this easement, more than 900 acres in the Three Brooks focus area are now protected. Fronting on two brooks that feed the Medomak River, the property protects the health of the river and its fishing industries, and provides crucial habitat for large mammals as well as the richly diverse bird life of the area.

Easement donors Skoglund and Kalina bought their land with conservation in mind. Skoglund, who owns the Perry Greene Kennel on Route 1, said he saw the lovely place where he grew up destroyed by asphalt and doesn’t want to repeat the experience. He and Kalina both thought Dirigowoods too beautiful to change, so they built near the road and left the land behind intact. They manage their woods for forestry and wildlife habitat, deriving joy from coexistence with the abundant wild creatures — some larger than they are. While Kalina runs a successful chocolates business, Safe Harbor Confections, from a dedicated commercial kitchen in the new home, a black bear raises cubs not far off, and Skoglund encounters bobcats, eagles and great blue herons on his tours of the property.

“MVLT is extremely grateful to Rick and Martha for their generosity and foresight in protecting this important place,” said Liz Petruska, MVLT’s executive director, in a news release. “It is also exciting to see our individual projects in this area begin to fit together, like pieces of a puzzle that collectively protect a larger landscape and set of conservation values.”

The Medomak Valley Land Trust’s mission is to promote and preserve the natural, recreational and scenic character and the traditional land uses of the Medomak River watershed for the benefit of the Medomak Valley and Muscongus Bay communities. For more information about conservation options and MVLT’s services to landowners, call the land trust’s Waldoboro office at 832-5570 or visit