Knox Lincoln County Beekeepers will hold its mid-winter workshop Saturday, Feb. 6 from 9 a.m. to noon in the meeting room of the Knox Lincoln County Extension office on Manktown Road in Waldoboro.

Knox Lincoln County Beekeepers will provide morning refreshments and coffee. There is no cost but donations will be accepted for the refreshment table.

The workshop is directed to beekeepers who have overwintered bees and want to know how to manage their colonies as spring approaches. The workshop is open to all beekeepers and other interested folks.

Master beekeeper Rick Cooper from Bowdoinham is the featured speaker. He will answer the question, “My bees made it through the winter — now what do I do?” Some of the topics included are how not to lose the hivecoming out of winter into spring , starvation prevention, swarm prevention, requeening, queen loss, managing for pollination, managing a defensive hive, and equipment hints.

Cooper has been an Eastern Apicultural Society master beekeeper since 1994. He runs 100 colonies of bees in and around the Brunswick/Augusta area. Cooper owns and operates Bees-‘N’-Me, a beekeeping supplies outlet specializing in hobbyist/backyard beekeeper needs in Bowdoinham. He teaches two to three beekeeping courses in Maine each spring. For more information visit

For more information on Knox Lincoln County Beekeepers visit or call Dick Vose at 563-7564.

Beginner’s Bee School begins March 4. To register, call SAD 40 Adult Ed at 832-5205.