Hollydachs Pet Center & Aquarium has been in business for 35 years at 246 Main St. in Rockland.

Owner Barbara Nelson said the store is being remodeled and reorganized. The biggest changes will be having a new fish room and expanding the number of fish and fish tanks the store offers. In the past, the room was used primarily for selling tanks and equipment.

Nelson said the new room will add a large number of fish tanks to the store, which sells guinea pigs, hamsters, mice, rats, lizards, crabs, parrots, parakeets, love birds and cockatiels. It also sells a large variety of pet supplies including food, toys, leashes, parts for fish tanks, and items for cleaning and caring for pets.

In addition, Nelson said she is redoing the bird room and remodeling the main entrance area.

She said she started the business in her home years ago when she was raising and showing dogs. Her family started selling fish and birds out of her house and then expanded to have a store.

“I like meeting the people,” Nelson said. “I like animals.”

She said she now sees people who used to come to the store as children bringing their own children in to see the animals.

The owner said it can be difficult for small “Mom and Pop” operations like hers to compete in an era dominated by bigger chain stores. She said her store offers more specialized products than bigger stores sell. In particular, she said she has parts for air pumps used in fish tanks while other stores can only replace the whole pump.

Her daughter Debbi Benner of Warren grew up with chores including hand feeding baby birds with formula from a syringe. Nelson said people know her daughter from the store.

Even though Nelson made up the name “Hollydachs,” in part because she used to raise and show Dachshunds, people still think it’s her name.

“Kids call me Grandma Hollydachs,” she said and laughed.

For more information, call 207-594-2653.