Steven Kaler of Warren, who was involved last spring in the accident that resulted in the death of Harold Benner of Waldoboro, has filed a notice of claim with the town of Waldoboro.

Kaler and Benner collided in a fiery crash June 4, 2009, on Route 235 in Waldoboro. At the scene, Detective Lance Mitchell said Kaler was trapped under the truck, which was on fire.

“The basis of the claim against the fire department of the town of Waldoboro, Maine, is that in extracting Mr. Kaler the device used caused or contributed to Mr. Kaler’s truck being on fire and Mr. Kaler being burned,” Kaler said in his notice of claim.

A notice of claim is not a lawsuit, but a notice must be filed by those who intend to sue government agencies.

Named in the notice are 15 members of the Waldoboro Fire Department, including Chief Paul Smeltzer, Dale Smith and Robert McNally.

The crash occurred shortly after 4 p.m., a little more than two miles north of the intersection with Route 1. Also injured in the crash was Kaler’s passenger Robert Colpritt Jr. of Rockland. According to the detective at the scene, Kaler’s older model pickup truck was heading south on Route 235 when it lost control, crossed the center line and crashed head-on with Benner’s Jeep. The detective said at the scene that Benner would have had no time to react. Benner died at the scene.

Kaler was seriously injured in the crash.

“The nature and extent of injuries include extensive burns that have resulted in amputations to portions of both legs,” Kaler said in his notice of claim.

The notice said Kaler’s medical bills have exceeded $892,000 and additional medical procedures are anticipated. Kaler also cited claims for lost wages, loss of earning capacity, past and future pain and suffering, disfigurement, and past and future loss of enjoyment of life.

Benner’s daughter-in-law, Terry Benner, said she will do everything she can to legally stop Kaler’s claim.

“He insults the good people of Waldoboro and he insults the memory of my father,” Terry Benner said Jan. 22.

She said Kaler chose to drive recklessly and that he must accept responsibility and be accountable for his actions.

She said her father-in-law was coming home from Moody’s Diner, where he had his usual cup of coffee and piece of pie. Terry Benner lives near the crash scene and the home of her mother-in-law, who she now cares for.

“I have to drive by where my father-in-law died every day,” Terry Benner said.

She said a witness at the scene saw the truck catch on fire immediately after the crash. She said there is no basis for Kaler’s claim.

“I’m going to stop this man,” she said. “I’m going to do everything in my power. I will fight until my last breath.”