The elderly woman who was the target of a home invasion Jan. 20 had also been the victim of a robbery a month earlier, police said.

Rockland police therefore believe that the general public is not at risk but that the offenders specifically targeted the Dunton Avenue resident, Rockland Police Detective Sgt. Chris Young said.

There have been no arrests in the case.

The latest invasion at the woman’s Dunton Avenue home was reported to the police department shortly after noon Jan. 20.

According to Sgt. Don Finnegan, three young white males wearing masks broke into the woman’s house while she was home. They ordered her not to use the telephone while they went through the house.

The home invasion was cut short, however, because when the men entered the home, they allowed the resident’s dog to get loose. A neighbor saw the dog on the street and caught the canine and was returning the pet to the woman when the three men burst out of the house. The trio fled on foot.

The men were not armed and the woman was not injured. They stole a large amount of coins, Finnegan said.

Police followed footprints in the snow that ended on the next street over — Payson Lane.

Finnegan asked anyone who noticed a suspicious vehicle in that neighborhood to please call the police department at 594-0316. In addition, the department is asking store owners to notify the department if young men bring in any large amount of coins.