Budget committee

Yes, it is time to start thinking about the budget for the town of Hope. Chairman Lewis Merrifield announced that the meeting will be held Wednesday, Jan. 27 at the Hope Town Hall at 7 p.m. If you have questions, call him at 785-5268.

Math League

On Jan. 7 the Hope School held the third meet of the Continental Math League. Students were given 30 minutes to complete six nonroutine word problems. The top six scores for each class were submitted as a team score. The individual with the highest cumulative score was also recognized. There will be five meets throughout the school year. The results of the third meet were: Team high scores, Kira Barley, Laticia Billings, Thomas Griebel, Zeb Pease, Olivia Powers, Alden Roberts, Katelyn Durkee, Caitlin McGrath, Caitlin Agnor, Nicole Wincapaw, Tristan Fong, Gwenyvere Sewall, Taylor Benner, Abigail Blakeley, Kierra Bunting, Bailey Hilt, Tyler Hoppe and Henry Laurita; and highest individual scores, Olivia Powers, Alden Roberts, Caitlin Agnor, Katelyn Durkee and Bailey Hilt. Congratulations to all.


Congratulations to our boys busline basketball team on their championship win!

Snowmobile meeting

On Jan. 9 the Hatchet Mt. Sno-Riders held their monthly meeting. Dan Ford and Scott Marshall Jr. joined the club. A potluck supper was enjoyed by all. During the business meeting Trail Master Wayne Smith discussed with the group a number of trails. One was the trail that used to go where the new fire station is located. Another year and that one plus a few others will have to be moved. If you have any questions, call Wayne at 763-3428. The next meeting will be Saturday, Feb. 13 and will be the pizza supper. Each person will pay $5 and the pizza will be ordered at the Hope General Store.

Midcoast Ladies Club

Thirteen members and three guests met at the First Aid Station on John Street in Camden. Several members spoke on things that they did years ago in the winter. A number of the members spoke about bobsleds and how towns used to shut off different streets and roads so people could go bobsledding or tobogganing. Linda Mank read two poems she had written. She is a very gifted writer. Some members told of making ice cream and about their snowmobile suits and one member told about when she was a small child and she hunted through her parents home looking for a Christmas gift. So when Santa arrived she already knew what he was leaving her. She allowed she never looked again as it spoiled Christmas for her.

The new programs and membership list were passed out. A new member is Jackie Watts from Lincolnville. The club now has a total of 30 members. A big thank you was given Byron Huntley for the work he did typing up the programs and membership list. The ladies received a letter pertaining to the scholarship. They will give a $300 scholarship to a Hope student. A thank-you note was received from the Hope Volunteer Fire Department thanking the club for the donation toward paying for the special cake for the fire department’s open house. It was also reported that the group needs to check on the food at the fire department. The community project for the ladies is having food on hand in case there is a bad fire and the firemen need to be fed.

Lunch was sandwiches from Subway with a dessert of gingerbread and whipped cream made and served by Gail and Barbara.

The next meeting will be Tuesday, Feb. 9 at the First Aid Station in Camden. Boxes will be made up with many items to be given to people who need a little assistance. This not only includes food but paper goods or paper with pens, or just anything. Also the ladies will play beano under the direction of Arleigh and Linda.

Class lunch

The class of 1958 held its monthly lunch last Thursday at the Village Restaurant in Camden. A great time was had by all. Those attending were Rosemary Winslow, Jan Graffam, Betty Lowell, Bob Libby, Jean Morrison and her husband, Don, Barbara Fang, Janan Vaughan, Betty Moran and her husband, Andrew, Joe Talbot and his wife, Sharon, Brenda Richardson, Alan Carr, and me. The next lunch will be Thursday, Feb. 18 (note date as this is a change) at the Village Restaurant at noon. Please plan to attend. There will be a special guest, one of the teachers the Camden class had.

Abner Dunton’s diary

Most people would argue that Abner Dunton was Hope’s most outstanding citizen. He kept a diary of his activities between 1851 and 1853. This document has been preserved and was given to the Hope Historical Society not too long ago by an anonymous but well-loved donor. The handwritten document with brittle pages is kept in the safe at the Hope Historical Society. It has been meticulously transcribed by Ron Smith and posted on hopehist.com where it is available to the public for the first time. At hopehist.com, click on “continue,” then “families,” then “Dunton.” Besides the diary and photographs, there is a short history of the Hope Duntons and Abner’s history of the Barretts.

By the way, hopehist.com is enjoying incredible success. In 2009, it had 184,757 visits and the number is growing. In December alone the daily number of hits was 797. Every two days, more people visit our historical site than there are in Hope. What are they finding there?

Committee looks for ideas on village center zones

ORC is our Ordinance Review Committee. The selectmen have charged it with coming up with a suggestion for a new land use ordinance. The present one makes it very difficult for the Planning Board to review proposed changes.

The ORC is thinking about village-center zones. It would like to get input on where our largest village-center zone in South Hope should be and what should be encouraged in it. There will be a public meeting in the gym at the Hope School on Wednesday, Feb. 7 to gather ideas. Please go and share your thoughts. There is expected to be a meeting about a Hope Corner village-center zone later. If you have questions, contact Chairman Martie Cooper at 763-4435 or mpcooper@hisoffice.com.