A break in a line on a fuel truck resulted in the spill of 50 gallons of home heating oil and the closure of Bog Road for two hours Wednesday afternoon.
The spill occurred when a Montgomery Oil Company truck was delivering fuel to a home in Rockland. The truck was attempting to back out of a driveway when the brakes apparently malfunctioned and the truck rolled down the driveway and down an embankment. The truck did not roll over. A tow truck was called and when it was attempting to pull the delivery truck back up, crews noticed that fuel was leaking.
The Rockland Fire Department responded to the call that occurred shortly before 3 p.m., said Lt.  Jamie Leo.
A containment barrel was placed under the leak and the fuel was transferred to another truck.
Leo said an estimated 50 gallons of fuel spilled from the 4,500-gallon capacity truck. One fortunate thing, he said, was that the snowbanks contained the oil and helped to make the cleanup easier.
The Maine Department of Environmental Protection was called to the scene.