Snowy, slippery roads contributed to an accident Monday afternoon as one car slid across the highway into the path of oncoming traffic.

The accident occurred on Route 1 in Rockport on a stretch of road that descends toward Glen Cove and the Rockland town line. According to Rockport Police Officer Dana Smith, Kay Warren, 67, of Rockport was heading south on Route 1 down Powerhouse Hill in her 2003 Cadillac Seville sedan when she lost control of the car. She was alone in the vehicle.

Slipping sideways, she collided with a 2009 Honda Civic operated by William Conrad Jr., 66, of Camden, with Janet Conrad, 63, in the passenger seat. According to Smith, William Conrad saw Warren’s car sliding toward him but could not avoid the collision and hit the passenger side of the Cadillac.

Warren’s car then ricocheted back into the southbound lane, said Smith, and came to rest on the embankment along the side of the highway.

The airbags in the Honda Civic deployed, but did not in the Seville, said Smith.

All three involved in the accident were transported by the Camden First Aid Association to Penobscot Bay Medical Center in Rockport and were being treated for bumps and bruises, said Smith.

Both vehicles were totally demolished.

The Rockport Fire Department also responded to the accident, and Rockland police assisted with traffic rerouting in Glen Cove until the two cars were hauled away.