The Camden Hills wrestlng team pinned down three wins in Saturday’s quad-meet at Skowhegan, but also suffered its first loss of the season against visiting Cony of Augusta on Jan. 13. The Windjammers are 19-1 in dual-meets this winter.

At Skowhegan Saturday, the ‘Jammers beat Skowhegan 60-12, Oxford Hills of South Paris 72-3 and Madison 66-12.

On the Jan. 13, visiting Class A Cony nipped Class B Camden Hills 39-36.

The individual Camden Hills results for Jan. 16 were:

103 pounds — Colman Powers, CH, won by forfeit over Madison.

112 pounds — Powers, CH, pinned Ethan Rumry, Skow, at 1:18; and pinned Danielle Lisey, OxH, at 0:23.

119 pounds — Calan Bragg, CH, pinned Jenniger Allen, Mad, at 0:58; and won by forfeit over Skowhegan and Oxford Hills.

125 pounds — Tom Cassidy, CH, won by forfeit over Madison and Skowhegan; and pinned Nick Paine, OxH, at 3:15.

130 pounds — Zac Fields, CH, pinned Kayla Makepeace, Mad, at 1:14; pinned Carter Stevens, Skow, at 0:50; and pinned Tabitha Hawkins, OxH, at 0:26.

135 pounds — Max Bragg, CH, won by forfeit over Madison and Oxford Hills; and pinned Tyler Lyons, Skow, 1:33.

140 pounds — Neal Harrison, CH, won by forfeit over Madison. Brandon Rich, CH, lost to Kaleb Austin, Skow, 5-3; and won by forfeit over Oxford Hills.

145 pounds — Rich, CH, pinned Kyle Foley, Mad, at 2:35. Harrison, CH, lost to Jake Sylvain, Skow, 4-0; and won by forfeit over Oxford Hills.

152 pounds — R.J. Muir, CH, pinned Jeffery Mercier, Mad, at 1:22; won by injury default over Brandon Corson, Skow; and won by forfeit over Oxford Hills.

160 pounds — Jacob Powers won by forfeit over Oxford Hills. Camden Hills forfeited to Colby Staples, Mad; and Joey Buzzel, Skow.

171 pounds — Anthony Batty, CH, was pinned by Ivan Cobb, Mad, at 1:19; pinned Levi Hayden, Skow, 2:49; and won by forfeit over Oxford Hills.

189 pounds — Brandon Graffam, CH, pinned Brandom Turcotte, Mad, at 1:04; pinned Robert Graf, Skow, at 2:54; and pinned Justin Cummings, OxH, at 1:07.

215 pounds — Rhett Chase, CH, pinned Nicholas Rotound, Mad, 1:55; pinned Andrew Pineo, Skow, at 1:08; and lost to Alec Buker, OxH, 5-2.

285 pounds — Jeff Bailey, CH, pinned Ryan Malcom, Mad, at 2:31; won by forfeit over Skowhegan; and pinned Dustin Edwards, OxH, at 1:30.

The individual Windjammer results, with Camden Hills grapplers listed first, from Jan. 13 were:

103 pounds — Camden Hill forfeited to Jake Charest.

112 pounds — C. Powers beat Andy Ancira 7-5.

119 pounds — C. Bragg won by forfeit over Cony.

125 pounds — Cassidy beat Connor Dufor, 2-1.

130 pounds — Fields pinned Ryan Pelletier at 2:19.

135 pounds — M. Bragg won by forfeit over Cony.

140 pounds — Rich pinned Graham Strondek, independent from Westbrook, at 3:51.

145 pounds — Rich, CH, was pinned by Will Lundquist at 5:05.

152 pounds — Muir pinned Norton Revell at 3:32.

160 pounds — Camden Hills forfeited to Spenser Hodge.

171 pounds — Batty was pinned by Justin Pelletier at 3:45.

189 pounds — Ryan Graffam was pinned by T.J. Vallee at 1:29.

215 pounds — Chase pinned Joey Metcalf at 2:25.

285 pounds — Bailey was pinned by Bobby Metcalf at 2:57.

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