Many years ago Martin Luther King Jr. Day evolved from a day of remembrance and honor to a day of service. It was close to this day four years ago that Marilyn Montano decided to give more than a day of service.

She signed on to volunteer at the Spectrum Generations Knox Community Center. Since that day, Montano has answered phones, greeted consumers, organized monthly bulletins for delivery and mail, and effectively picked up slack where needed. She keeps the staff on their toes by asking questions, seeking clarification, and bringing to their attention activities and services the center can add to its list of offerings. Montano may also win an award for word of mouth advertising, bringing in many consumers who may otherwise not have looked to Spectrum Generations as a source of information and community. If all this were not enough, she offers her service freely with ease of manner and a sense of humor.

The staff of Spectrum Generations thanked Montano for her years of service.

In a news release, Spectrum Generations said, “She would probably say it is nothing, but we know that giving of your time, giving that day of service, is never ‘nothing’ to those lucky few on the receiving end. Consider giving a day or more of your service to an organization of your choice. It will make a difference!”

For more information on becoming a volunteer at Spectrum Generations, call Suzanne at the Knox Community Center at 596-0339 or