As they boarded the boat to head to Islesboro Wednesday night, the North Haven girls and boys basketball teams were, despite the icy chill, in good spirits and ready to play ball.

Host Islesboro was already waiting and warming up on the school court.

By the end of the night the two island neighbors experienced mixed results, including wins for the North Haven girls and Islesboro boys.

In the latest Maine Principals’ Association Heal Point Standings for Western Class D, the Islesboro boys (5-4, 12.2553 points) are sixth and North Haven boys (1-6, 1.1905 points) 13th. Richmond (9-1, 31.7606 points) is first in the 14-team region.

For the girls, North Haven (6-2, 11.6789 points) is fifth and Islesboro (1-6, 0.6250 points) 14th. Richmond (9-2, 35.0638 points) is first in the 16-team region.

Girls game

North Haven took an early lead and did not look back en route to a 44-20 victory.

Before the game, Roman Cooper, the Hawks’ longtime coach did not know what to expect. “It’s one of those things where you can look up all the scores you want and you can see how many points some player had and some other player had and it really comes down to the mental aspect of the game — when the kids walk into the building. Whether or not they are going to be there to play or not.”

According to the final scorebook, North Haven came to play.

At the quarter breaks, North Haven led 15-4, 20-6 and 34-10 over Islesboro.

Leta Hallowell paced North Haven with 15 points, followed by Erin Cooper with 12; Olivia Brown 10; Cody Joyce, five; and Stephanie Brown, two.

For Islesboro, Allana Govoni took charge with six points, followed by Caitlin Small, Lindsay Durkee and Aven Howell, all four; and Ally Craig, two.

For North Haven, Hallowell (20 rebounds, 2 assists, 3 steals), Cooper (4 rebounds, 4 assists, 3 steals), Brown (4 rebounds, 7 steals), Joyce (9 rebounds), Abby Campbell (5 rebounds) and Ann Marie Beverage (4 rebounds) were statistical leaders.

For Islesboro, Craig (9 rebounds), Govoni (7 rebounds, 2 assists, 3 steals), Small (5 rebounds, 2 assists), Howell (6 rebounds), Zoe Klewin (4 rebounds) and Durkee (2 rebounds, 2 steals) were floor leaders.

North Haven was 4-of-9 (44 percent) from the foul line, while Islesboro missed the only two free throws it took.

“It was a win and a win is always good,” coach Cooper said of Wednesday’s game.

The coach thought his team did a solid job of finding the weak side on offense. He especially credited Hallowell for being able to put the ball on the weak side when it needed to be.

However, the coach thought his players could have performed better. “They were able to find the places they needed to score, but everything as a whole seemed a bit slowed down,” he said.

Islesboro coach Will Aldrich also was pleased with his team’s effort. “I’m pleased we scored 20 points. North Haven is fifth place [in the region]; they are a pretty good team. My girls stepped it up a notch today from last night’s game, also from last week’s game. They have been getting better and better.”

Aldrich added that his players are getting scrappier and can be found hustling and fighting for more loose balls.

Aldrich praised Govoni, in particular. He said that she hasn’t normally been a high scorer for the team, but she was Wednesdy and she secured offensive rebounds. “She’s my hustler. She’s the one that hustles on defense,” he said.

Boys game

If Hawk girls coach Cooper was right and the game is all about being prepared to play then the Islesboro boys must have all been Eagle Scouts. Because the hosts beat the Hawk boys 70-27.

At the quarter breaks, the Eagles led 28-3, 40-11 and 60-23 over the Hawks.

Eagle coach Don Johnson said a lot of pieces came together for his team against the Hawks. “We are starting to play defense,” he said. “Our whole thing is, we’ve been scoring plenty of points the whole season, but we’re finally starting to play a little defense. I’ve been telling the guys all season, ‘Guys, you [have] gotta pick it up on the defense, were scoring plenty but we can’t let them score one more basket than we do.’ “

On Wednesday, Gerard Scherr spearheaded the scoring for Islesboro with 18 points, followed by Charlie Gebhardt with 11; Art Govoni, nine; Max Mahan, Ben Kormann and Tyler Grindle, all eight; Will Schoppe, four; and Ben Rollins and David Luebbert, both two.

Statistically for the Eagles, D.J. Johnson (12 assists, 3 steals), Grindle (9 rebounds, 2 assists, 3 steals), Gebhardt (4 rebounds, 3 steals), Govoni (2 rebounds, 2 steals), Kormann (8 rebounds), Eli Legere  (2 rebounds, 3 steals), Mahan (2 assists, 2 steals), Rollins (4 rebounds) and Sherr (2 rebounds, 2 seals) led the charge.

For the Hawks, Zebadiah Campbell led the way with nine points, followed by Riley Venger with eight, Rico Rattina seven and Jack Walker three. Campbell (3 rebounds, 4 assists, 7 steals),  Rattina (4 rebounds), Venger (7 rebounds), Jeremy Page (2 rebounds, 5 steals) and Walker (3 steals) led statistically.

Islesboro made 2-of-8 (25 percent) free throws and North Haven 6-of-11 (54 percent).

Coach Johnson gave credit to Gebhardt, who is normally Islesboro’s sixth or seventh player. “It’s finally starting to click for him,” the coach said. “He has come a long way and [Wednesday] I’d say he was probably the star.”

The coach also said that the team played with speed. “We play a fast-paced game, that’s what we try to do. Like [one of the] referees said last night, ‘You got a bunch of greyhounds on your team.’ “

“They are doing a good job,” coach Johnson said. “Every game I see they are getting a little better. This is the time to do it. Hopefully. We [have] three big games coming up [Richmond, Vinalhaven and Forest Hills] and if I can come out of there with two of them I’d be so happy.”

Click for more photos from the North Haven at Islesboro boys game.

Click for more photos from the North Haven at Islesboro girls game.

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