The Rockland City Council gave unanimous final approval Monday night to the sale of a five-acre undeveloped lot on Dodge Mountain that the city acquired two years ago for nonpayment of taxes.

The council voted 5-0 to issue a municipal quit claim deed to Jeanette Phillipps for 47 Dodge Mountain Road for $28,000.

The city sought bids on the Dodge Mountain  property in December 2008 but the top bid was $10,000. The city refused to accept the bid and then sought to have the property sold through a real estate company.

The 47 Dodge Mountain Road lot is assessed by the city for tax purposes at $146,100.

The city assessor has pointed out previously that sales through quit claim deeds seldom bring in market prices because there could be challenges to ownership by previous owners rather than the certainty of a warranty deed.

City attorney Kevin Beal said a person who was the successful bidder on a one-seventh of an acre parcel on 15 Garden Ave. has withdrawn his offer.

The council gave final approval last month to selling the Garden Avenue parcel to Christian Parisot for $10,000. The city has it assessed at $14,600.

Beal said Parisot withdrew the offer and cited the requirement that new homes be equipped with sprinkler systems. The City Council gave final approval in December to the requirement that new single-family and two-unit residential buildings be equipped with sprinklers. The vote on that requirement was 4-1 with Councilor Tom Molloy opposed.

The requirement was put in at the request of the fire department, which said sprinklers save lives, save properties and will ultimately reduce the municipal expenses for firefighting. The department estimated the cost of a sprinkler system at $1.50 per square foot.

That law takes effect Thursday, Jan. 14.