Thomaston selectmen reviewed plans for improvements to the transfer station and the assignment of police investigator duties Monday night at Watts Hall.

Selectman Peter Lammert outlined plans for improvements at the Thomaston, South Thomaston and Owls Head Cooperative Transfer Station on Buttermilk Lane. This summer the cooperative will add two new trash compactors and add a line providing running water to the transfer station site, Lammert said. The project will also require site work.

“It’s going to be a whole new facility when it’s done,” Town Manager Valmore Blastow said.

Transfer station officials chose George C. Hall & Sons to do the site work and water line for about $37,500. Lammert said the project will actually cost a bit more than that because it will involve removing some of the existing guardrail from the new roadway work area on Buttermilk Lane to install the water line before putting the guardrail back in place.

The cooperative has already purchased one of the compactors and the other one is half paid for, Lammert said. He said it is buying the electric motor-driven hydraulic ram compactors from a company called Atlantic Leasing in New Hampshire.

Lammert said the cooperative has saved all the money for the projects at the transfer station over the past five years. He said the project will not raise the bills for taxpayers and is an example of planning ahead for its needs.

Lammert said transfer station employees have had to carry drinking water to the site for years and the facility has gotten by with a portable toilet. As part of the project, a fire hydrant will also be added.

He said after the meeting that selectmen recently voted to keep traffic on Buttermilk Lane as it presently flows unless there is a problem. This comes after a major overhaul of the intersection of Buttermilk Lane with Route 1, aimed at driving traffic up the new connection to the Dexter Street extension and the light near Lowe’s. Even after that new connection opens sometime this year, Lammert said, traffic will be able to go both ways on the old portion of Buttermilk Lane by the transfer station. Officials had talked about limiting traffic to one-way to force more vehicles to use the newly constructed path to the Dexter Street extension while allowing them access to the transfer station.

The selectman said business at the transfer station is actually down.

“The recession even hits the rubbish,” Lammert said.

In other business, Lammert expressed concern about plans by the Public Utilities Commission for tree trimming in the near future on Route 1 in Thomaston. He said he will watch that situation.

Selectmen also reviewed the position of investigator in the police department. As part of union negotiations, the town has agreed to create a $100 stipend for an existing police officer in the department who, in addition to his or her normal patrolman or sergeant duties, performs the investigator duties. Blastow said this will not be a separate full-time detective position, but merely a stipend for duties. It will be up to the police chief to assign the investigator duties. Selectmen voted to approve the plan.

Selectmen also voted to accept the resignation of Karen Clarke from the Thomaston Budget Committee.

They approved a request for a permit for the St. George River Saltwater Challenge Canoe and Kayak Race to be held Saturday, May 22 from 3:30 to 5:30 p.m.

Selectmen also approved the annual septic wastes contract with Interstate Septic Systems Inc., noting it had not changed in cost from last year.

Present at the meeting were Vice Chairman Lee-Ann Upham, Selectman Nancy Carter, Lammert, Blastow and Recording Secretary Louise Demers. Absent were Chairman Bill Hahn and Selectman Tom Bertocci.