The following divorces were recorded in 6th District Court in Rockland in November and December.

Scott Pallotta of Washington and Melissa Pallotta of Washington, married Sept. 19, 1998, in Washington. Shared parental rights of one child, shared primary residence.

Jason McKnight of Owls Head and Aimee McKnight of Owls Head, married Aug. 18, 1995, in Rockland. Shared parental rights of three minor children, primary residence with Aimee McKnight.

Mathew Pike of Thomaston and Kelly M. Pike of Thomaston, married July 5, 1997, in Appleton.

Walter John Read of Thomaston and Wanda M. Read of Waldoboro, married Dec. 6, 2004, in Waldoboro.

Ondrey Sykacek of Camden and Sasha Meas Sykacek of Camden, married July 14, 2007, in Camden.

Joseph H. Bates of Rockland and Wendy M. Gamage of Rockport, married March 27, 1998, in Rockland.