To celebrate the new year, Gibbs Library is offering amnesty for book fines through Feb. 14.

Any patron who has an overdue book may return that book and have all fines forgiven.

“We’re most interested in having the books returned than collecting the fines,” said Paulette Oboyski, president of the Washington Library Association.

Books may be returned to the library during regular hours, or dropped in the book collection bin located in front of the library building.

“We have a few hundred books that are overdue. It’s our hope that the books might be returned if the patron doesn’t have to pay a fine,” Oboyski said.

Replacing the books is very expensive, she said, so once a year the library offers amnesty with the hope that many of the books will be returned.

“We encourage our patrons to take advantage of this program,” Oboyski said.

Gibbs Library is located at 40 Old Union Road in Washington. For more information visit or call 845-2663.