Two Port Clyde residents have purchased three properties across Main Street from the former Maine State Prison property in Thomaston, including the buildings known as the warden’s house and deputy warden’s house, according to Maine Bureau of General Services Director Chip Gavin.

The three properties were sold to Carl F. Danielson and Carolyn Whittaker of Port Clyde, according to documents on record at the Knox County Registry of Deeds. Gavin said the properties collectively sold for $150,000.

Danielson and Whittaker could not be reached for comment Jan. 5. Danielson is listed as the new owner on the deeds for all three properties. Whittaker’s name appears only on the deed for the largest of the three properties.

The properties sold also include the former prison business office building.

The state of Maine had owned the properties for many years. The sale of them was authorized more than a decade ago, Gavin said. They were sold as part of the process of moving the prison from Thomaston to Warren.

Gavin said the properties were listed on the open market in hopes of getting the best value. They had been listed since spring of 2009.

Gavin said there is historic interest in the properties. It is noted in the deed document that the new owners are encouraged to consult with the Maine Historic Preservation Commission concerning any future changes to the property.

The deed transfers were recorded Dec. 30.