An Appleton man heading east on Route 17 by Mirror Lake in Rockport Tuesday morning lost control of his pickup truck, landing in a roadside ditch.

The single-vehicle accident occurred at approximately 7:24 a.m. Tuesday near the entrance to Aqua Maine, on a portion of the highway that curves toward the lake. Although his 2002 Chevrolet S10 slid off toward the right side of the road, rolled onto its cab in a ditch and came to rest against a power pole, Garrett Ostrander was uninjured, according to Rockport Police Officer Dana Smith.

The Camden First Aid Association evaluated Ostrander at the scene, and he walked away from the accident without assistance. His truck, however, was totally demolished, according to the accident report.

Smith said the highway conditions were “extremely slick” Tuesday morning, with roads unsanded and covered with ice-packed snow.

Ostrander was wearing his seat belt, said Smith, and the air bag did not deploy.

The Rockport Fire Department and Knox County Sheriff’s Office also responded to the accident.