The Rockland City Council will consider at its Monday, Jan. 11 meeting a change in commercial zoning that would expand the activities in those regions to include manufacturing on New County Road.

City officials have acknowledged that they have had discussions with potential developers but have not identified those parties at their requests.

At the council’s agenda-setting meeting Jan. 4, Code Enforcement Officer John Root acknowledged the talks but said the zoning changes make sense even if these developments don’t come to fruition.

At the council’s December regular meeting, City Manager Rosemary Kulow also mentioned talks that could produce positive job news for the city.

The changes proposed in the ordinance amendment that will be considered by the council on Monday, Jan. 11 would allow manufacturing on parcels that front New County Road. Interior boat storage and repair would also be allowed on the New County Road parcels.

There are two commercial properties that abut each other on New County Road, including the former Bonnar-Vawter property. That property at 20 New County Road is owned by Restoration Associates II and consists of nearly five acres and a 57,000-square-foot building. Adjacent to that property are five acres with a nearly 60,000-square-foot building owned by Lewis Family Properties Partnership Ltd. That property had housed Lewis Marine.

In addition to allowing manufacturing in Commercial 1 zones through a conditional use process that would require the Rockland Planning Board’s review, the zone change proposal would allow craftsman’s offices and health and fitness facilities in Commercial 1 zones.

If the zone changes receive preliminary approval Monday, Jan. 11, a formal public hearing and final vote will be held Monday, Feb. 8.

City attorney Kevin Beal said the vacant buildings indicate the current zoning has not been successful and that is why changes have been proposed.