There is a phenomenon moving throughout the world known as Deeksha or the Oneness Blessing. It is a transfer of energy that brings about stillness and peace.

This blessing, which is not associated with any religion, is given by touch on the top of the head or by intention. The purpose of the Oneness Blessing is to bring about a neuro-biological change in the person who receives it. The blessing stimulates and activates the parts of the brain that experience joy, happiness, bliss and divine love, and deactivates the parts of the brain that experience suffering. This allows for a shift in consciousness so that people begin to naturally perceive and experience life in positive and creative ways.

Lucy Pincince received the training to give the Oneness Blessing in Fiji in May 2008. The phenomenon began at the Oneness University near Chennai, India. However, because there was not enough room there to accommodate the number of people who wanted to become Oneness Blessing givers, two other sites were built, one in Fiji (land and buildings were donated to the Oneness University) and one in Italy.

Pincince offers the Oneness Blessing at High Mountain Hall, 5 Mountain St. in Camden, at noon on Thursdays. Anyone can receive a Oneness Blessing. Individuals and groups are welcome. It takes only a few minutes, and it is free.

Benefits of the Oneness Blessing are a higher state of consciousness, deep inner peace, a balancing of energy centers, relaxation, healing of past and present traumas, and renewed energy.

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