St. George School fundraiser

The students and staff of the St. George School wish to thank all of those who supported our fundraising efforts for grades three, four and five. The incredible generosity and giving spirit of our community made it possible for us to raise over $1,000 that will be used for special programs and field trips.

Please support our local businesses who were generous enough to make
donations: Shaw’s Supermarket, Puffin’s Nest, Rock Coast Sports, The Brown Bag, Autozone, Napa, E.L.. Spear, Pet Quarters, Webber Fuel, Wood and Wave Woodworking, Hampton Inn, Flagship Cinema, Rustica, Trade Winds, Almafi’s, Maine Coast Petroleum, John Paul Salon, Reflections Salon, Dunkin’ Donuts, and Wildcat Lobster.

We would like to recognize several families who made donations: the Tylers, the Montgomerys, the Simmons, the Andersons, the Fourniers, the Fergusons, the Garretts, the Millers, the O’Neals, the Uphams, Judy Lahey, Stephanie Thorbjornson, the Perry/Godin family, Charlotte Leparulo, and Teresa Small.

We appreciate your continued support of our school.

Jennifer Garrett
St. George staff

Ranking legislators

One must wonder where the concerns of The Herald Gazette’s editorial board are when it disseminates the results of the Maine Economic Research Institute ranking of Knox County legislators. MERI has never endorsed any legislation other than policies that support big business in the state of Maine. It always comes down on the side of big businesses, to the detriment of the working people of Maine, to the detriment of retirees, to the detriment of the middle class and to the detriment of our students. MERI pretends to be bipartisan, but when one looks at its Web site one sees a clear bias toward big business. Its Web site provides links to conservative organizations and Republican causes.

When one looks at the results of its “impartial” survey of selected votes, one sees that Republican legislators got much higher rankings, and Democrats received much lower rankings. The numbers are so skewed that it appears that Republicans start with 50 points and Democrats at zero. “Fair and balanced” indeed!

It’s disappointing that VillageSoup/The Herald Gazette is playing along with this. Thankfully, the voters are a lot smarter than that. In the last election, many Republicans voted for Democrats. The message of big business is always touted by the Republicans and their proxies; we’ve seen MERI and other Republican operatives do their hatchet jobs on our Democratic representatives before. We know that our Democratic message is different. It’s a message that resonates with Knox County voters, a message of fairness, civil rights, economic opportunity, support for small business and a working wage. The era of Republican tax cuts for the wealthy, tax breaks for certain businesses, special considerations and sweetheart deals is over. We are in a new era of economic hardship due to the pro big business policies of the Republicans and their proxies such as MERI. We’ve tried it their way, it didn’t work and it brought us to the brink of depression.

If you wish to be thought of as a news outlet, please report the facts and label your opinions for what they are.

Hugh Magbie

Chairman, Knox County Democratic Committee

Note of thanks to Maxey

Decency and honesty are alive and well in Maine. On Dec. 5, while I was stopped briefly at the Kennebunkport Toll Plaza, my wallet fell out of my pocket and apparently got plowed into a snowbank. Brett Maxey from Owls Head found my wallet, turned it in and declined to accept anything in return. Mr. Maxey’s thoughtfulness is an example of doing the right thing; it’s an example his neighbors deserve to know about, and this note is my way of saying “Thank you, Mr. Maxey.”

Jeffrey Neil Young