Yo Mamma's Home
96 Main Street
Belfast, ME 04915
Phone: 207-338-4884
Hours: Open 7 Days a week9 am to 6 pm or later

We welcome you to Yo Mamma's Home, 7 day a week all year long store; our store! We are pleased and excited to find ourselves owning a store. We didn't arrive at this point in a planned or business-like way. In 2001 We, Sandhya and Mallery, found ourselves without work and in great need. We won't bore you with the gorey details. Having been friends and neighbors for many years, we sat down one day and put our heads together to find a solution to this dilemma.

Along the way we have discovered a great many things: We like creating a big project, even though we exhaust ourselves. We are good at choosing inventory and we are good at merchandising and marketing. We are smart enough to take seriously the imparted wisdom, " Always hire people smarter than yourselves", and so have ended up with our indispensable and warm managers, Lisa Agostini, Beverly Mann and our workers of endless enthusiasm and creativity, Carla Norton and Tran Hong. Throughout, our anchor and patron carpenter, Philip Dalto, has remained steadfast and available. Philip can be found tending the till as a volunteer most Friday evenings.

We also found out that to increase your store's square footage, means increasing inventory! Hmmm, how did we miss that before? We have to pay for that? But most of all we have found out that our community of customers is trustworthy, generous, talented, adventuresome, and supportive. We are a local store with a local clientele.

We represent many local artists craftspeople and collectors. All of whom have put 'Yo Mamma's home" on the map!!!!

Yo Mamma loves to wrap up and slink about.

Yo Mamma understands what makes a girl feel sexy. Soft beauty, and pizazz!! Come see our scarves; great gifts for YOU or someone else. Super affordable!
Yo Mamma LOVES baby.

How many times have I told you all this??? Millions. But it is true. There is nothing like the realization that a young innocent offers us, that there is HOPE. Here are the BEST baby clothes, all locally produced of organic heirloom breeds of cotton. They are tough!! rugged!! and ideal......made ...
Yo Mammas carries Willy Wires Maine earrings.

Come and try on a pair. See if you can identify the tin can that these beautiful earrings have sprung from. Its a dare! They are simply the simplest beauty around. Walk out on top of the world!!!
Yo Mammas keeps up with our childhood icons.

Yo mammas knows what it means to disguise, play, remember, cast illusion, trick, and treat, and assume another identity. All of which are useful life skills to any thoughtful small town person. We have MASKS.....for YOU.
Yo Mamma believes in reading !

So much so, and so aware of 'lookin' good, that we carry a fun, colorful, daring, cool, trendy, continuous collection of your primary accessory: Splendid Glasses! Lots to choose from, long lasting friends.
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