Why is the red banner Cancellations, Bulletins, and School Closings not restricted to important alerts?

By Maggie Trout | Sep 03, 2014

That section is an important community/readership asset - or should be.  I've asked the CG more than once about this, but am told that it's a matter of a difference of opinion as to what constitutes a valid alert.  One time, it was a salon stating they'd be closed.  A hair alert.  This time, it's Bonnie's Place.


I counter with that red bannered section being important for matters affecting health and well-being.  A shopping emergency is not what I count amongst those.  Maybe if other people write to ask that this section be reserved for school closings, things like flooding, snowstorms, the need to boil water, there will be sufficient reader input to straighten out that difference of opinion.

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