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'What is your favorite holiday tradition?'

Dec 08, 2013
"Seeing Santa at Christmas! Leaving treats out for him and carrots for his reindeer." — Verbena Tahta, Dublin, Ireland.

The Camden Herald staff asks: "What is your favorite holiday tradition?"

"Gathering all the presents together Christmas Eve. Watching the kids come down the stairs. Then we all open our stockings and sit down to a big Christmas breakfast." — Ed and Susan Weber, Union.
" Family gatherings!" — Dimitri Stancioff, Camden.
"All the holiday events that happen in the community, supporting local crafters and church bazaars." — Robin Lee, Camden.
"Celebrating Christmas in New York City, seeing Rockefeller Center. Making new traditions for Nanna, a rescue dog I just adopted. She will be enjoying a stocking filled with treats this Christmas." — Paul Carter, Camden.
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