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By Charlotte Henderson | Jan 02, 2014

Some thoughts at year’s end

An amazing thing about the end of a year is that it just rolls into a new one without batting an eye. Barely gives us time to reflect on the events of the past year. One thing happened early in December that continues to impress us and seems worthy of mentioning. Last month a woman, Becky Berlew, was rescued by a passer-by as her car was slipping into the water after it slid off the road one dark early morning. The remarkable thing, to me, was that Mrs. Berlew had the wits to turn on her flashers and honk the car horn continuously which surely increased her odds of being noticed. She found she wasn’t able to open the car door because of the mud she was sinking through. So that got me thinking to buy one of those special hammers that will break auto windows. That will be my resolution for the New Year. Keeping it simple since I still have my list from last year — incomplete.

Certainly, Washington had a number of memorable events in 2013. I’m not going to write them again. Instead, here are some thoughts from messages received during this crazy and wonderful Christmas season.

A smile uses half as many muscles as a frown. Choose the smile.

Don’t swear unless you really, really have to. If you swear all the time, then what do you do for emphasis when you must cuss? If someone waves hello, wave back. If you don’t know them, maybe you will sometime. Exception: if they scare you just keep going. Floss your teeth. They will last a lifetime with a little care from you. If you need a teaspoon of cardamom or some other spice for a recipe you use once a year, buy that one teaspoonful from a co-op store. They sell herbs and spices in bulk so you can get what you need — a teaspoonful or a coffee can full. In winter, park in the sun. In summer, park in the shade. Develop a longer range viewpoint. Maintain some perspective: a bad haircut is not the end of the world. If you can’t laugh at yourself, don’t laugh at anyone else, either. Aim high. Don’t wish for a loaf of bread — wish for the grocery store. And from this writer: If you’re cold, don’t whine or grouse. Put on a jacket — or two. And if you don’t have a jacket, call me today.

We wish you a healthy, happy New Year — 2014.

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