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Experience Education, Naturally

The adventure of your lifetime begins at Unity – and you want to be here, collaborating with America’s dedicated environmental leaders to make the world a better place. Up to your eyeballs in new ideas. Experiencing the outdoors in a friendly learning community. Taking an active role in your own growth as a steward of the earth. Working your mind as hard as your hands.

Get here, and get your hands, feet, face, and clothes dirty stomping around a thousand-year-old peat bog in Bio 1. Or create a peat bog garden in Landscape Horticulture. Then, write about your latest peat bog misadventures for Environmental Writing. Whatever. Just get on it. Catch the fire of lifelong learning – it’s the adventure that goes
on forever.

At Unity, you’re taught by and collaborate with an environmentally focused faculty and staff at the leading edge of research and professional practice. You can investigate aquaculture with a 2006 Fulbright Scholar, practice conservation law enforcement with a former chief warden, or argue sustainability issues with the authors of the national debate. Unity’s academic programs and people challenge you to be your best, find your own way, think your own thoughts, and become a leader in your field. You can do it!

Unity supports your academic success with a host of services and opportunities. Our library houses more than 50,000 volumes and subscribes to more than 400 scholarly publications. The Learning Resource Center offers peer tutors, assistive technology, study skills workshops, and other services. And our Career Resource Center helps you connect with the world.

Seek out your academic advisor for guidance on issues both academic and personal. With these dedicated, caring professionals as your mentors and partners in success, you can plan your academic program, select courses, evaluate internships and off-campus study opportunities, and make the most of your education.

Unity College welcomes you into its community of adventurous learners who focus on the environment. Our friendly students, faculty, and staff represent the spectrum of social, political, and environmental backgrounds. We’re active, supportive, collaborative – and an awful lot of fun!

Get ready to stretch yourself, take chances, make a commitment to your own and others’ learning, think untamed thoughts, explore new ideas. Then, discipline your inspirations to change your life and change the world.

Your great academic adventure starts today
at Unity College!


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