Union Farm Equipment
1893 Heald Highway
Union, ME 04862
Phone: 207-785-4451
Fax: 207-785-4267

Our Ag and Outdoor Power Equipment dealership is located at the junction of Routes 17 and 131 in Union, Maine, and is owned and managed by Ken and Debby Keiran.

We are proud of our 60-year history as a locally-owned and community-oriented business. Our pride stems from selling Ford tractors and equipment since 1949, and we have expanded our lines considerably over the years.

Today, we are your more than farm equipment store!

Chaps and Helmets

This year’s Fair Specials include 10% off on all chainsaw chaps and helmets. Stop by our display at Union Fair or come into our store and get your protective gear. Hurry, this offer expires October 12th.
Used Equipment Updates August 28, 2015

Union Farm Equipment has updated the Used Equipment List. This week we had no additions to the list. You can see our used equipment at: USED. Right now used equipment is selling well. We are looking for good, used equipment at the right price. If you have unneeded equipment you would like to ...
Super Siphons are Back

We have recently restocked our supply of Super Siphons. If you need to move liquid from one container to another, you need a Super Siphon. Water, beer, fuel- Super Siphon will move it. This siphon has a hose with a unique end containing a glass ball. Simply put the Super Siphon into liquid and ...
Ethanol Free Fuel

Union Farm Equipment is stocking SEF ethanol free gasoline. If your small engines have been suffering due to the new blends of fuel, try VP Racing’ SEF (Small Engine Fuel) This fuel is available in straight gasoline or premixed 50:1. We stock quarts, gallons and 5 gallon containers of SEF.
Used Equipment Updates August 25, 2015

Union Farm Equipment has updated the Used Equipment List. This week we added a 1980 John Deere 1050 tractor with a loader. We also added a Walker MS42GHS mower; a Walker MTL48GHS95 mower; and a Provonost P503 dump trailer. Additionally, we added our demo Exmark Navigator to the list You can see ...