The White House newsletter offers an "explainer"? regarding the situation in Iraq

By Maggie Trout | Aug 12, 2014

I received a newsletter from The White House tonight:  "An Update on the Situation in Iraq."  Following the report was this:

An "explainer?"  
So, I searched the internet, and, to my dismay, "explainers," is a word that is used ubiquitously by museums, (especially), including the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum,  to describe their education programs when given by young people in high school or college, and probably for other mind-boggling reasons, which I cannot bear to seek out.  Not "teachers," or "interpreters" - "explainers." It was bad enough when "teacher" wasn't good enough, when, suddenly, "teacher" was deemed so insufficiently respected, that  "educators," replaced that esteemed word.  And then people began "transitioning," but this? 
Why would any White House staffer use the word, "explainer," rather than "explanation," or "analysis," when addressing U.S. targeted air strikes.  Even if masses  of the American public have dissolved into a morass of twits and tweets, the White House should adhere to higher standards, for aren't we more trusting of leadership that doesn't succumb to the lowest denominator.  Bombing, injury...death... cannot be so reduced.
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