The "New Look"

By Bonnie Post | Jan 09, 2017

I absolutely hate the new look of Village Soup on line.  It may work better for smart phone users but it is useless for those looking at the site with a computer.  It is boring and does not give one an overall view of what is going on.

It is particularly useless for organizations, including non profits, wanting to provide information about their activities.  Why anyone would now pay for a biz brief, if they still exist, is beyond me.

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Posted by: Holly Ann Tracy | Jan 13, 2017 12:59

I too am not a fan of this new format.  It seems disorganized and not very user friendly.  Just my two cents.

Posted by: Maggie Trout | Jan 11, 2017 20:13

In order to view bizoffers orgoffers, Featured ads, and Upcoming Events, I have to go to the Waldo online edition. Somewhere within the Knox version these things must exist, but I've already missed one opportunity due to this scattering, because I did not assume I must view the Waldo version in order to find coherence.

Posted by: Maggie Trout | Jan 09, 2017 18:09

Aren't Knox and Waldo separate subscriptions?  You should contact the paper if you are seeing the Republican and that wasn't your choice. I looked at the Waldo page, and was somehow permitted to do so, and the formatting is far different - more like the most recent version - plainly seen are the Upcoming Events, which, on the Knox page, is hidden under the tab for Community, but not in the same neat and easy to review format.

Posted by: Mary A McKeever | Jan 09, 2017 16:36

Point well taken Maggie. I am wondering why I am getting Waldo news on line when I have for years

resided in Knox County. ???

Posted by: Maggie Trout | Jan 09, 2017 14:47

I have no idea what people using various applications can view, but I doubt that Comments and Discussions comes into view.  Even though comments that address areas of concerns mostly fall on deaf ears, anyone commenting at least had a glimmer of hope that they would be read.  Perhaps a greater loss is that community members may add important factual information to an existing article, or attempt to bring public awareness of an issue to everyone.  If the policy of the newspaper has changed to do away with public comment on its pages, then those areas should be removed.

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