Eclipse and The Speakeasy
Contact: Kathleen LaBree
2 Park Drive
Rockland, ME 04861
Phone: 207-596-6661 ext 606
Hours: Eclipse- 7days a week. Doors open at 4pm. The Speakeasy is open Tuesday through Saturday at 4pm


Located at the corner of Park Street and Main overlooking beautiful Rockland Harbor!

Contemporary American fare served to you in a comfortable, inviting atmosphere.

Your new favorite restaurant is waiting for you!

Eclipse is open 7 days a week for dinner, starting at 4pm.


The Speakeasy

Take the stairs down from The Chowder House and enter our prohibition era night club.  We'll feature live entertainment as well as evenings led by talented DJ's.  The dance floor may beckon you or you may want to just relax, and listen to great music and snack on a bowl of our complimentary popcorn.


Eat...Drink...Enjoy...ECLIPSE & The Speakeasy!



Haddock and Chicken specials tonight at ECLIPSE!!

Let's finish off the weekend with one more day of sunshine and one more night of delicious food! We have heard good things about yummy our food is lately! Why not come check out what all the rave is about, and while your at it, check out these specials: -Grilled chicken topped with sautéed ...
Chicken Alfredo and Maple Dijon Salmon specials tonight ...

HAPPY SATURDAY!! Thats right, we are all ready for this wonderful weekend of good times and great food! Be sure to include us if your looking for food that is so good you will crave it for weeks to come! The chef created some amazing specials for you to try tonight! -Grilled chicken alfredo ...
Sirloin and Salmon specials tonight at ECLIPSE!!

Thank goodness its Friday!! We are just as ready for the weekend as you are! To start off this great weekend the chef has decided to offer these amazing specials! These specials have become some of our best specials to date! Everyone loves them and you will too! Come in an join us tonight and ...
Sirloin and Salmon specials tonight at ...

***THURSDAY NIGHT SUPPER CLUB*** Alright folks! All this sunshine lately has really helped bring out our best! We have the excellent duo of Davis and Clark tonight to perform live for your while you enjoy a great meal out with friends or family! Thursday night supper club is great for a date ...
Surf and Turf and Flatbread specials tonight at ...

Well folks, we wanted to let you all know how much we really enjoy creating new food and experiences for you so tonight the chef has decided to create some uniquely delicious specials for you to consider while you go through our menu! - Grilled sirloin topped with a crab cake with a roasted ...
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