Eclipse and The Speakeasy
Contact: Kathleen LaBree
2 Park Drive
Rockland, ME 04861
Phone: 207 - 596-6661 ext 606
Hours: Eclipse- 7days a week. Doors open at 4pm. The Speakeasy is open Tuesday through Saturday at 4pm


Located at the corner of Park Street and Main overlooking beautiful Rockland Harbor!

Contemporary American fare served to you in a comfortable, inviting atmosphere.

Your new favorite restaurant is waiting for you!


The Speakeasy

Take the stairs down from The Chowder House and enter our prohibition era night club.  We'll feature live entertainment as well as evenings led by talented DJ's.  The dance floor may beckon you or you may want to just relax, and listen to great music and snack on a bowl of our complimentary popcorn.



Tonight's specials at ECLIPSE!

The kitchen has outdone itself with tonight's specials line-up! Join us!
Looks like an ECLIPSE kind of a night!!

Have you tried the food at Eclipse yet?? If not, you are in for a treat! Our new, revamped menu has something for whatever your taste buds are in the mood for! From Filet Mignon to Fish & Chips and everything in between, you will be sure to leave satisfied! And when you can't eat another bite, ...
A little food fun at Eclipse...What do you see?

An unusual sighting... In the midst of last nights dinner rush we just had to pause and take a picture of this perfectly golden, crispy morsel...What do you see?
ECLIPSE on Monday...featuring our new Maple Dijon Pork ...

The Maple Dijon Pork Chop is just one of many new items on the Eclipse menu. This thick, french cut chop is as impressive in its size as in its flavor! Beautifully prepared and presented, we know you'll love it! Join us at Eclipse for dinner! Eat...Drink,,,Enjoy!
Eclipse for dinner...The Speakeasy for dessert!

It's time for a night out on the town and 2Park Drive is the address that delivers the whole package! Start your evening at Eclipse...newly renovated, but serving up the fresh, flavorful dining experience associated with our fantastic kitchen staff. Then head downstairs to The Speakeasy for your ...
Speakeasy People
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