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By Staff | Jun 11, 2014
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This week we are asking:

"Do you favor visits from large cruise ships to Rockland?"

Some residents see visits from large cruise ships as an economic boon to the city, bringing in customers for downtown businesses. Others feel the cruise ships should pay more in fees to use the harbor, and take issue with the passengers being bussed to Camden and places outside the city.

What do you think?

See our attached chart for results from last week's On The Line poll concerning "pay per bag" fees at the Rockland city transfer station.

Our latest On The Line poll is always available at knox.villagesoup.com in the upper left corner of the home page. Results are published each week in The Courier-Gazette.

Email ddunkle@courierpublicationsllc.com with any questions or suggestions.

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Posted by: Francis Mazzeo, Jr. | Jun 11, 2014 14:05

These polls mean nothing as anyone that subscribes can vote. Sort of like when they ask someone from Appleton questions about something in Rockland that doesn't affect them.

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