Sun + Wind = Unhappy Eyes...What's the Solution?

By Maine Coast Eye Care Optical Shop | Mar 19, 2014
Courtesy of: Wiley X "Brick", shown in gloss black, from Wiley X's Climate Control series.

As if the cold during the winter is not enough to deal with, there is the sun (particularly when it reflects off the you-know-it's-coming-sooner-or-later snow) and wind. When it comes to your eyes, that's an unhappy combination, causing discomfort, irritation, watery eyes and blurred vision leading to dangerous situations, particularly if you're operating moving equipment, i.e., snowmobile or ATV, or moving under your own power, be it on foot, skate or ski.

What's the solution? Wiley X® Eyewear offers their Climate Control™ Series of sunglasses with a removable Facial Cavity Seal™ that blocks out wind and airborne irritants and creates a comfortable environment for your eyes. This patented soft foam seal conforms to any facial structure, providing protection against even the finest particles or eye-drying winds in the most challenging of environments.   Wiley X's unique design also prevents peripheral light intrusion, for superior optical clarity in all conditions. Furthermore, Wiley X's Top Down™ Ventilation facilitates airflow, which prevents fogging even during strenuous activities.

Furthermore, each Climate Control™ model meets stringent ANSI Z87.1-2003 high velocity and high mass impact safety and optical performance standards — the same protection provided to U.S. military elite Special Forces units around the world.

Wiley X's entire Climate Control™ Series is also Rx ready, making it an ideal choice for corrective lens wearers needing protection against the discomfort and hazards of both the sun and wind. Light-adjusting lenses can also be fitted to Climate Control Series of frames, so that they can be used in low-light conditions, too.

Make your eyes happy by stopping by the Optical Shop at Maine Coast Eye Care today to see for yourself the benefits of wearing a pair of Wiley X® sunglasses from their Climate Control™ Series!

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