Stan Lebar, Program Manager Apollo TV Lunar Camera development. 500 million people watch the moon landing

By Maggie Trout | Jul 20, 2014
Photo by: NASA/Goddard/Debbie McCallum Stan Lebar next to an image of him with the lunar camera

The late Stan Lebar "served as Program Manager of the Apollo TV Lunar Camera which recorded Neil Armstrong's first steps on the lunar surface on July 20, 1969. Subsequent camera programs he managed for NASA were the Apollo Color TV Cameras, the Skylab series of TV cameras, and the TV cameras for the Apollo-Soyuz U. S. -Soviet Cooperative Space Program (ASTP). The four on-board flight TV cameras were designed to operate and transmit from both the Apollo and Soyuz spacecrafts and capable of being remotely controlled from earth when operating in either spacecraft.

The ASTP launch of the Apollo spacecraft was the first time that an on-board Command Module flight TV camera provided a live telecast of the astronauts from the moment of launch and continued throughout the launch phase.

In addition, Stan was tasked to coordinate the worldwide television transmission for the TV signals transmitted from the Soyuz and Apollo when received in the Soviet Union and the United States. The signals were processed to satisfy the worldwide formats and retransmitted to the worldwide audience."  (NASA)





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