SPECIAL BULLETIN - Ice Storm Damage to Larger Trees

By Plants Unlimited | Dec 26, 2013


From the gardening professionals at Plants Unlimited:

Ice Storm Damage to your Shrubs and Trees

Immediately after the ice storm:

Don't attempt to remove the ice by beating the branches with a broom or rake. This will only cause greater damage. If the temperature is above freezing, spraying the ice-coated branches with cold water will help melt the ice. This might be possible with smaller plants but impossible with larger trees, Do not use boiling water. It may actually injure the trees and shrubs. My recommendation - let nature take its course!

Individuals should stay away from large, ice-laden trees. Nothing can be done to prevent damage to large trees. Individuals, however, can be severely injured or killed if a large tree or branch where to suddenly crash to the ground while underneath it. The first step is to assess your situation and decide what needs to be done and by whom. Most large trees will need to be handled by professional tree services.

Homeowners do not have the equipment or the training to remove large limbs
themselves. Some large branches can weigh over 2,000 pounds, and incorrect handling can cause injury. Leave such jobs to reputable, insured professionals. I am happy to recommend a local landscape or tree service company that might be able to help. Contact me at buckh@midcoast.com

I'll discuss pruning and rejuvenation of ice damaged trees in future emails. If you would like to join our service - click here.

My thoughts are with you who have experienced severe tree damage and a disruptive Christmas!



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