Rockport Diner Family Restaurant
Contact: Donna Doherty
420 West Street
(Route 90)
Rockport, ME 04856
Phone: 207-236-6109
Hours: Operating 7 days a week - breakfast, lunch, and dinner
Fax: 207-236-8709

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$8.95 lunch specials @ the rockport diner!

Friday Dec 2nd $8.95 lunch specials 1) Homemade Mac n' cheese, ham and coleslaw 2) Tuna casserole with coleslaw 3) Bowl French onion soup with grilled cheese 4) Haddock roll deluxe with cheese and potato salad "We can't wait to see you!"
$8.95 lunch specials, come join us!!!!

Wednesday Nov 30th $8.95 Lunch Specials 1) Hamburg stroganoff over noodles, coleslaw... $8.95 2) American chop Suey with garlic toast.... $8.95 3) Cup of peas up with grilled cheese on homestyle bread... $8.95 4) Teriyaki chicken salad, your choice dressing.... $8.95 Hot veggy: Fresh butternut ...
Come join us for $8.95 dinner specials!!!!!

Save some christmas money and eat with us! Tuesday night $8.95 specials 1) American Chop Suey with garlic toast... $8.95 2) Fresh made hamburg stroganoff over egg noodles... $8.95 3) Open Face pot roast sandwhich... $8.95 4) Grilled meatloaf and potato... $8.95 "We can't wait to see you!"