Rockport Blueprint Inc.
Contact: Willow Henry-Elwell
39 Mechanic St., Ste 120
(in the Knox Mill Building)
Camden, ME 04843
Phone: 207-236-2696
Hours: Hours: Mon.–Fri. 9am-6pm, Sat. 9am-5pm, Closed Sun. - Open Year Round!
Toll Free: 1-800-698-2696

We are your groovy, hometown art store! We offer a fantastic selection of fine art materials including Gamblin, Winsor & Newton, Canson, Crescent, Golden, Borden & Riley, MCS, Dennis Daniels, and much, much more! And, of course we still do blueprints.

We now have a parking lot along all of the great stuff we always have... Now with more sunshine!


HELP WANTED - Part-time, Year-round groovy guy or gal ...

HELP WANTED - Rockport Blueprint is seeking a totally groovy, hard-working guy or gal to join our super fantastic team of art supply sales peeps! The position we need to fill is year-round, part-time, weekday mornings to mid-afternoons. The preferred candidate is a team player who is hard-working...
Rockport Blueprint - Closed Today...

We will be closed today due to weather. If it clears up later someone might be down there for a little bit this afternoon... Call ahead!
Rockport Blueprint is open today!

We are open today! There is parking in the lot across the street.
Rockport Blueprint will be closed Tuesday, January ...

We will be closed Tuesday, January 27th, in observance of Epic Blizzard Snowpocalypse Day. Stay safe and make wise winter weather choices folks. Good times!
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