Reality TV shows put out the call

Dec 26, 2013

Nation-wide calls have gone out for proposed reality TV shows, one of which will feature lobster fishing.

Al Roker Entertainment

Al Roker Entertainment is inviting applications for several new shows. Founded in 1994 to produce programs for The Food Network, Al Roker Entertainment now produces reality TV programming for a number of popular television channels including NBC, The History Channel, TRU TV, Animal Planet, GAC, The Weather Channel, Discovery, Spike, A&E and many others.

Currently, Al Roker Entertainment is looking to develop several new shows as follows. One show calls for active lobstermen with big personalities, a strong look and attitude and a passion for the industry. Ideal applicants could range from families that have been fishing for generations or a brand-new captain and crew. The call states the production team is looking for fishermen who are adventurous, tough, capable, and passionate about lobster fishing and “immersed in the lifestyle."

Another show seeks people who have an independent, family-owned business, love the idea of starring in their own TV series and have "larger-than-life personalities and talent to boot."

Another family-based show will focus on siblings — brothers in business together, sisters who share an obsession, etc.

A fourth possibility is a show about people who are the best at what they do, whether it be home renovation, tracking wildlife or selling bridal gowns.

Al Roker Entertainment also is inviting wild card proposals from those who do not fit into the above categories but are convinced they are reality TV stars in the wings.

To apply for any of these projects, email Applicants should include a little bit about themselves, a few photos and any relevant links, along with a phone number and a good time to be contacted.

Doron Ofir Casting/Powderhouse Productions

Doron Ofir Casting and Powderhouse Productions are searching nationwide for people with the most compelling stories who want to have their double-helix hunches answered for an all-new television series on a major cable network. “DNA” will put participants’ most life-changing questions to the ultimate test — a DNA test.

This call is for people looking for a long-lost sibling, trying to track down their parentage or confirm their heritage. The production is looking to hear from people at least age 18 with a double-helix hunch who are ready to “make their last strand." If selected, their searches for answers may finally come to an end with a trip to New York or a visit by a genetic team. DNA testing and participants’ time will be compensated.

To apply for “DNA,” visit

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Posted by: Linda Mae Taylor | Dec 26, 2013 16:24

A & E just trying to fix the mess they started with DD and make more money


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