P.A.W.S: Friday the 13th good luck: no adoption fee for black cats

By Carolyn Marsh | Dec 10, 2013

Have you ever wondered why Friday the 13th and black cats are considered to bring bad luck? You could look it up but you don’t have to; we did, and the many answers we found — “suggestions” might be a better word — really tell you nothing at all but do demonstrate the fact that a random thought can become a deeply rooted belief.

But what we say is: make Friday the 13th your lucky day. We are waiving adoption fees for all adult and adolescent black cats and we’re dropping the fee for all other adult cats to $20. This special will continue for the weekend.

We’re sorry, but it does not apply to kittens, black or otherwise, and you may think that is bad luck.

You can adopt Munk on Friday the 13th . Munk is a very-laid back gentleman who scoffs at the suggestion that he is anything but a piece of good luck. His favorite pastimes are taking naps, looking extremely handsome and purring loudly and endlessly. And we’re pretty sure he would bring the best kind of luck, to say nothing of love, to whoever adopts him.

Or you could adopt Izzie, a sweet, long-haired black cat who would absolutely adore a home of his own.

So this weekend, and every weekend, and every day of this rapidly disappearing year and all the years to come, take the time to think about our wonderful creatures, cats and dogs both and every color of the rainbow (almost), who are lucky to be here and not out on the streets but would be doubly or even triply blessed if they all had homes of their own.

Our good friends at Hannaford are once again offering Holiday Pet Packages you can purchase. Each bag contains canned dog and cat food, paper towels, bleach and litter. This is a great way to help us feed the animals, to say nothing of cleaning up after them.

On our wish list: dish soap, refills of hand soap and treats for dogs and cats.

To learn more about Munk and Izzie and meet all our glorious girls and boys, visit pawsadoption.org. Or stop by the shelter at 146 Camden St. in Rockport. We’re open from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Tuesday through Sunday and our phone number is 236-8702. Please don’t forget to like us on Facebook. And thank you, as always, for your caring and support. We are lucky indeed to have such splendid friends!

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Posted by: Amy Smereck | Dec 10, 2013 11:33

Munk and Izzie (a girl, I thought) would both make wonderful additions to any family. My husband, son, and I have spent time with them in the shelter. It's so unfair that black cats are often overlooked.

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