P.A.W.S: A home for Christmas

By Carolyn Marsh | Dec 03, 2013

Santa, Mr. Claus himself, (or would that be Mr. Claws? Sorry. You know how it is. Sometimes these dreadful puns just won’t stay put) has promised Cash and Leeman a fur-ever home for Christmas, and he (and we) would be thrilled if you could lend a hand. (Lend a paw? Enough.) If you’re a Facebook fanatic, or if you love to send photos over your phone (like us), you can help us spread the word about these two amazing dogs.

Cash is a Bluetick hound with a highly developed nose for adventure. He loves to sniff out the ground while he’s out on a walk and see where his nose leads him. (And you, if you’re at the other end of the leash.) And he has a special talent that usually brings him yummy treats. Can you guess? Cash loves to give paw. He’ll give left paw and then right paw and keep on going, without pause (paws? We lied.), until he gets that treat. Cash would love to have a home with lots of room so he can stretch out in that perfect spot and take a nap. And when he’s not napping, he likes a lot of action and would thrive on exercise on a daily basis (as would we all).

Leeman, on the other hand, is more of a let’s-take-a-ride kind of dog: He loves to get in the car and just go. (Well, not all by himself, you understand. He needs someone behind the wheel because he has failed his driver’s test so often, there always being something more interesting than stopping at a stop sign or waiting for the light to turn green.) He’s not the least bit picky about where he goes, either, as long as the trip ends with a treat. (We could, but we won’t.) Leeman, too, is highly skilled at giving paw and likes to show it off with perhaps a little more enthusiasm than is sometimes necessary. (Are you perfect?) He loves people, especially kids whom he can look straight in the eye, and if there’s a better-qualified candidate for Great Family Dog out there, we’d like to know who it is.

Spread the word (you can leave out the puns if you’re picky), share the photos and help us and Santa find these two awesome dogs a home for Christmas, and for always.

On our wish list: non-clumping cat litter, dog treats, paper towels, copier paper and postage. You don’t think our newsletters and thank-you notes and other important correspondence just fly out of here on their own, do you? And if you do, we have a bridge you might be interested in buying. (We don’t know where that expression came from, but we love it and use it as often as possible, which is very seldom.)

In the meantime, take half a moment to stop by and meet all our devastatingly darling dogs and DSH felines. We’re at 146 Camden St. in Rockport, and we’re open from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Tuesday through Sunday. Our phone number is 236-8702 and pawsadoption.org is never closed! And thank you, as the season for loving and giving approaches, for your caring and support.

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