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By Kenneth Corson | Dec 12, 2013
Photo by: Seth Macy Kindergarten class performs "Jingle Bells" at the Winter concert.

It seems as though winter has come and almost gone since the last column I wrote. The bland end of summer and fairly mild fall got cold and windy in a hurry and just as the weather began to feel like the Maine fall weather of my childhood it started warming again. Granted it's only 22 degrees out as I write this but it is December in Maine. Let's just say that at least we're not in that cold windy trend that plagued us for a week a few weeks ago. As Christmas approaches the desire for many people and actual chance of the white stuff falling will become greater; I suppose it's only a matter of time.

If there is one person and one crew on North Haven that doesn't want to hear talk of snow it's Elliott Brown and his crew. At least this year Elliott will have a better chance of celebrating his birthday without the white stuff all about. What am I talking about you may ask? Well Elliott turns 80 this year but he won't have to wait until his actual birthday on the 24th instead he will be the guest of honor on Sunday, Dec. 15 at Waterman's. The Brown family is having an open house party for Elliott from 1 to 3 p.m. so come one come all and bring sweets, birthday greetings for the old man and some jokes (dirty are OK) as well.

The impending snow and holiday season also means a few more things; things like the winter concert and of course basketball. I was telling a friend recently how the high school I went to had a deeply rooted athletic program and brought what seemed like everyone out of the wood work but nothing, and I truly mean nothing, could have prepared me for the fever that hits these island communities during high school basketball. If you live on North Haven and don't like high school basketball you are either lying to yourself or to others. Seeing a solid third of the entire community crammed into the gym to cheer on the boys and girls is definitely a sight to see and one I'm glad to be a part of. The high school played their first game this past weekend against Isleboro while the boys won both the girls lost in a close first match and by a little more the next day. The Hawks first home game isn't until after the new year but they have all of our support while on the road until then. Hopefully it will be another year at the tourney in Augusta.

The winter concert was yet again a success; a packed theater, all students K-8 as well as three high school students participating and a slew of fun, traditional and seasonal songs were preformed by all involved. To be able to go out on the town and watch the local talent is a treat for this time of year, even if some of the middle school students fizzled a little toward the end "Here comes the Sun". No negativity here, nothing but admiration for the middle school students singing and playing. As I told my wife there is no way I would have been on any stage singing in middle school. Thank you Courtney and North Haven Community School students for a great concert. If the Beatles and songs about body parts threw you for a loop and were hoping/anticipating more "traditional" songs, there will be Christmas carols and anthems preformed at the church on Christmas Eve.

Mid-December will almost be here by the printing of this and I have to say I was a little skeptical about Prock wrapping things up (no pun intended) at the Casino by then but it looks as though they may. At least once they are finished they'll have a short haul to the next job. Upon finishing the Casino project, Prock will be starting on the rebuilding of a new pier at J.O. Brown and Son boat yard. Browns has had the pier cleared and the gas pumps removed for over a week know in anticipation. Thanks to the hard work of Brown's Boatyard, the citizens of the Pine tree state, Land for Maine's Future and the Department of Marine Resources, the North Haven fishermen and Brown's crew will be working from a newly replaced and expanded pier next season. Once it begins the project is scheduled to take three months and will lengthen the pier by 27 feet and widen it by 2. The longer and wider pier will mean access to deeper water by more boats through both tides and the plan also calls for a derrick at the end for fishermen to be able to load and unload traps regardless of the tide situation. The Working Waterfront Access Pilot Program requires that Browns deed the access to fishermen for now and forever into the future. In short a new pier is good for Browns and good for the fisherman. This should prove itself to be a fun topic to cover and I look forward to the future project and progress as the winter rolls on.

I leave you on a topic that I should have touched on a while back but I am at least happy to say that what sounded bad looks much better today. I'm not talking about the weather again, I'm referring to Gordon Bubar. Gordon fell ill over a month ago know but has since gotten better and can be seen around North Haven Grocery talking to the customers. He's back on his feet and surely will be back behind the wheel of "gator" before he and others realize it. To Gordon: we all wish you a full and speedy recovery, and thank you for all that you and Marnelle do at the store and for the community.

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