National Worksite Benefit Group
Contact: George S. Lincoln III
Phone: 207.458.4303

At NWBG, we are a full service employee benefits insurance agency specializing in patient-centered health plan strategies. We can meet all of your companies benefit needs from group health plans and employee communication strategies to individual retirement planning.The NWBG team is not just interested in serving our clients but is also committed to improving the industry as a whole. Whether we are working with your company to lower benefit costs and improve employee communications or educating legislators and other industry stakeholders, we are always committed to serving the people of Maine.

How satisfied are you with your current health ...

What does a client get from being an NWBG client? NWBG clients gain control over health care budgets. We help you take a long-term approach to benefit planning. We help you save money in the short term and stay flexible to control costs long term. NWBG clients are never rushed through health ...