Maine to Molokai - An Adventure by Paddle

By Thor Emory | Dec 10, 2013
Photo by: Kevin Morris

Camden, Maine —

Photo Credit: Kevin Morris

When you think about water, there is the surface and what is beneath. On the surface the Maine to Molokai (M2M) project follows Thor Emory’s personal journey as he trains and prepares for the epic 32-mile Molokai to Oahu paddle board race. As a 38-year old, recently divorced, part-time dad he seeks the challenge of Molokai as a way to test himself in a sport he loves and to rediscover his passion for adventure in the outdoors. At a deeper level, however, it is more than one man’s personal quest. The M2M crew, comprised of adventurers, writers, and videographers, will document a journey from Maine to Hawaii that will examine a new dynamic sport, the role and benefits of challenge and adventure, and the coastal environments/people along the way.

“Speaking as someone who has been dealing with some life changes, I hope that this journey enables me to test myself and that the process is a segue for the next chapter in my life. It would be great if my experience inspires others with their own challenges,“ says Thor. ”As a paddler, I am excited to share the actual time on and off the water – training, paddling, and racing. We are going to visit some cool locations and meet with interesting locals, whether they be pro paddlers or passionate people who represent their given area. I also hope to increase the visibility of the sport here in Maine.”

From the waters of the Northeast, including Newfoundland, to the Great Lakes and Mid Atlantic to ultimately Hawaii, the Maine to Molokai project will dig deep into the fastest growing water activity in the world – stand up paddle boarding, and showcase one of the premier events in the sport.  M2M will also highlight the common themes within coastal regions, such as environmental pressures and the lifestyles along the waterfront.  In order to accomplish these goals a team has been assembled that has the experience to capture the journey with a high degree of passion and skill.

Kevin Morris is a Maine based photographer and videographer with vast experience in the outdoor medium, “As a photographer it’s not often a project comes along that motivates me on multiple levels and I felt I had to seize the moment. It’s a chance to work with other talented people to accomplish something we could be proud of by creating visuals unlike anything I’ve done before – like a bear to honey. Besides, I like the big outdoors, I like crazy challenges that test a person creatively, physically and mentally, and I like trying new things. When I was introduced to Thor I recognized immediately someone who was grabbing life by the horns and holding on for the ride and he seemed destined to end up somewhere very interesting. That appealed to me. This is a chance to stretch my craft of visual storytelling by exploring a sport I had only seen from the sidelines. It’s a little like climbing without a rope since we don’t know exactly where this will take us, but I’m committed to finding out. “

Maine to Molokai

Filming began in September and will continue through the summer of 2014. The M2M blog will allow interested individuals to enjoy the armchair route and stay up to date with the adventure. Stay tuned!


Maine to Molokai Teaser
Local footage of Thor training. (Video by: Maine to Molokai)
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