Loose Canon

By Kit Hayden
Czech Republic, 2014

I moved to Maine from Wisconsin nineteen years ago, and I've been pretty content being outside the main stream, even though NPR won't let me ignore the general world's disorder and man's inhumanity to man.  I've been retired from remunerative work all that time but manage to keep occupied with projects: house maintenance, singing, acting, writing, traveling, biking, sailing, volunteering, and co-hosting Wuzzup (a weekly TV program on Lincoln County Cable TV; also available online: Google LCTV Wuzzup.)  For a couple of years I owned a piece of S. Fernald's Country Store in Damariscotta, but that didn't work out.  As everyone knows, it's wicked hard to run a small business in this state, particularly when we stumble out of recession.  Feel free to contact me at  chaoscmh@gmail.com.  I will reply.



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