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Sep 22, 2016

Send Ellie to Augusta

Elinore Goldberg has my vote to represent District 95 in the Maine House of Representatives.

When you find a piece of land on a wooded hillside, build a house with your own two hands, live off the grid for a while, grow your own food, create a small business or two or three to support yourself, and befriend those around you, you really know what it is like to live and work in a small town in Maine. You know the challenges these small towns face. And you build a connection to the land. Ellie is one of these people.

Ellie has lived in the same place, in the same house, for 45 years. She is my neighbor in Hope. When I see what she grows in her garden, when I walk the hillsides in Hope with her – all seasons of the year, I appreciate how she values the clean air and water we all enjoy, the agricultural operations that are expanding in our area, and the many recreational opportunities that abound.

I trust Ellie to make decisions on my behalf when she goes to Augusta. When you get to know her, you will, too. Please vote on November 8th to send Ellie to Augusta.

Barbara M. S. Bentley


Sutton sees entire landscape

I am writing this letter in support of Paula Sutton for Representative to the Maine State Legislature in House District 95, which includes the towns of Warren, Appleton, Hope and East Union. Paula and I have been friends for a number of years, and this friendship has afforded me the opportunity to see first-hand, her amazing strengths, character, and the deep commitment that she has for her community.

Not only do I believe Paula to be the best choice, I know her to be a hard worker, honest and reliable. Her small business background is especially important because she knows all that is involved in both earning and signing the front of a paycheck. Likewise, she understands that we need to make Maine a more jobs-friendly state in order to attract new businesses, a talented worker force; and most importantly, the proper incentive to keep our Maine youth employed here.

Paula is an independent thinker, and will not vote along party lines simply to make the right friends and garner voters. Instead, she impartially studies the problems and evaluates the best solutions to those problems, and is known for being no-nonsense, in her straight-forward approach. Most valuable to this process are the thoughts and opinions of the front line folks. Their valuable feedback is often ignored, but not by Paula. She’s a friend to all, from the bottom on up… She generously shares her time and looks forward to hearing from all of her friends — no one’s too big, and no one’s too small. She will work diligently to do as she knows best for everyone in District 95.

Paula and I paint together — oil painting, in particular. Upon observation, I’ve noticed that while I disjointedly paint small sections of the canvas at a time, hoping it will all come together in the end... Paula, on the other hand, fluidly paints the whole landscape — deftly, swiftly, and directly, while always keeping the big picture in mind. The result is always creative, absolutely stunning, well thought through and exquisitely perfected. She keenly expends her efforts on just what really matters for the whole, and wisely disregards the minutia. Paula will bring this same talent with her as Representative to the State Legislature in House District 95 — this vision to see the entire landscape and the big picture of how best to serve her community and constituents — and will execute these details in a most effective and efficient manner.

Vote Paula Sutton, House District 95!

Debra Andreasen


Listens to all sides

I have watched Dave Emery in action since the early 1970s . As a aspiring young fisherman I watched Dave help to craft to 200 mile limit. I fished beside 300-foot vessels from foreign countries. His efforts and others got them out of our waters. So US fishermen could once again make a living.

Dave took the time this summer to listen to to several bait dealers and fishermen to get an understanding as to why there is a bait shortage. He quickly picked up on the fact that it is not a resource problem but a regulation problem causing hard working fishing family's to pay dearly for the bait that is necessary for the $500 million lobster industry .

Dave understands that the best solutions often come from those who are closest to the problem. He listens to all sides of the story before making a judgment.

We need more people like Dave in the Maine Legislature .

That is why I am supporting Dave Emery for State Senate.

Robert B. Norton

Tenants Harbor

Keep our fisheries strong

I am writing in support of re-electing Dave Miramant to our State Senate. I want to start with a personal story about the complexities of issues that can come our way and then share why I believe Sen. Miramant is well equipped to address them.

Years ago, three of us gathered around my kitchen table with conversations that manifested in the creation of the Georges River Tidewater Association to clean up the St. George River. Our efforts would soon be stymied by a proposal to downgrade the classification of the river in order to accommodate pollution from a sewage treatment plant. Had it passed, this downgrading would have resulted in harmful algae blooms, a reduction of oxygen in the water, and negative impacts on the ecosystem and subsequently, our fishing industry. In the end, we were successful in protecting the river and the treatment plant plans were revised, accordingly. Our clam industry and the important jobs of clammers survived.

This story came to mind when I recently listened to a nonpolitical presentation from lobsterman David Cousens, president of the Maine Lobstermen’s Association for well over 20 years. Of the numerous issues he shared from first-hand experience of what is happening in our waters, one is that global warming is real.

Recalling my experience with the St. George River and how as a private citizen, I realized that I initially knew nothing about oxygen in the water, but came to understand the issue when the threat to the watershed became real. After the Maine Lobstermen’s Association President’s presentation, I only know a little more about the threat global warming poses to our lobster industry and the important jobs that accompany it from fishing to tourism to our greater local economy. But I know the threat is real and needs to be addressed. I know that to be successful, this will require private citizens, like you and me, to take action, and one way to take vital action is by re-electing Senator Dave Miramant this Nov. 8.

You may feel as I do that in the fullness of our days, it's impossible to stay on top of every important issue. So when I vote for someone to represent me in Augusta, I want to be confident that person’s values match my own, and that he or she will take the time to understand all the critical issues we need to address to keep Maine strong. State Sen. Dave Miramant has proven to be just such a person: it’s clear that he understands climate change, especially as it relates to our fisheries and the health of the ecosystem and associated jobs, and that he will continue to take appropriate action.

I also want a candidate who is solutions-oriented, welcoming ideas from both sides of the aisle; if you check Sen. Miramant’s record, you will find he has done just that, and done that exceptionally well.

Please join me and send Dave Miramant back to Augusta to continue his good work.

Diane Smith


Priorities in line with my beliefs

I first met Kathleen at the Y several years ago. Since that time, I have gotten to know how passionate she is about the issues that concern us all. She’s a good listener which is an important asset when dealing with constituents. My husband and I were and continue to be impressed with her community involvement. Kathleen’s priorities are in line with my beliefs which are saving our natural resources, a smart energy policy, a clean environment that we can hand down to the next generation. Climate change is one of Kathleen’s many concerns along with a strong education from grades K through high school and beyond.

Joan Welsh did an amazing job representing us for the past six years and I believe that Kathleen is more than capable of continuing in Joan’s footsteps. This is why I’m proud to say I am going to vote for Kathleen on Nov 8. Please consider voting for Kathleen for our next state legislator.

Susan Kanellakis


Proud to earn endorsements

Ever wonder how organizations choose which candidate to endorse in a campaign?

They do their homework, and they expect candidates to do theirs, too.

Each election cycle, organizations send out questionnaires to every registered candidate. Some pose simple yes or no questions about whether a candidate is a member of that particular organization. Some demand blanket pledges, like opposition to all taxes, always. I tend not to respond to those.

Other organizations ask probing questions about the priorities and policies that affect their members — and our whole community. The Maine Education Association, for example, asks what actions candidates would propose and support to combat childhood poverty in Maine, and the Maine State Employees Association asks where candidates stand on the outsourcing of state jobs to private contractors. With the number of Maine children living in extreme poverty at an all-time high, and the recent news that essential roles in the Department of Health and Human Services will be outsourced to a private firm with a sketchy record, these are important questions. The answers directly impact the lives and livelihoods of real people, so I respond to those questionnaires.

As a candidate for public office, there are a lot of demands on my time. As your State Representative, there will be even more. The endorsements I’ve earned — you can read them all here — are not only an indication that I’ve given thorough, intelligent answers to the important questions facing our state, they’re also a promise: I will always do my homework to better serve you. I will always answer your questions. I will always work for our shared priorities.

Kathleen Meil

House District 94 candidate


Works with both sides of aisle

With just a few weeks until the election I would like to ask your consideration in voting for Dave Emery for the Knox County Senate seat. Dave is a local person with tons of experience that works well with both sides of the aisle.I hope like me you will cast your vote for Dave Emery. Thank you.

Linda Curtis Brawn

Former State Senator


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