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Sep 15, 2016

Good boss, tireless worker

Many years ago I was part of Ellie Goldberg’s crew, restoring and painting houses and buildings in the Midcoast area. We worked from June to October rarely taking time off except when forced by rain. Ellie found, estimated, and scheduled the jobs. She was a good boss and a seemingly tireless worker. She paid her people well and in return had high expectations. I have rarely worked so hard in my life!

Now I hear that, many lifetimes later, Ellie is running for public office, she wants to represent the people of House District 95 in the Maine Legislature. My advice to the people of Hope, Warren, Appleton, and Union, is grab this opportunity and put Ellie to work for you - her competence and work ethic guarantee that you will have the finest representation possible!

Karen Saum


Thank you

Thank you for the excellent article on protecting Megunticook Lake from invasive species. It is vital to save our lake from the scourge of milfoil and other invasive plants which have endangered so many Maine lakes, and in some cases, destroyed them. How great to have students helping to save our lake and educating themselves and others about this vital issue.

I hope everyone appreciates the volunteers and donors who make this program possible.



Very troubling

Your September 1 editorial "Time to take government to task" is very troubling indeed and plain to see was meant to stir up strife again as this "mystery" writer threw in the "race bait" card again at the very end. We all know our governor is not a racist, so that was a lie as well as many other untruths throughout this editorial. Nothing in it to help draw us together in unity, for who has the right to judge another mans servant?

Just eight years ago we had news medias that were fair and balanced. Now we have shrunk from 50 large media companies to just six....NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, FOX and Viacom —UPN. There are other media entities, not as big but still influential, that follow the same exact set of directives. All it took to seize total media control was money and 8 years.

But all is not lost, we outnumber the "powers that be" a million to one! They know it more than you do. Our best weapons are courage and truth. Use them wisely and we will finally get the "change" that we were falsely promised and so desperately need in this world.

A new coalition of independent reporters, film makers, broadcasters and authors have formed "The American Truth Network (ATN), a good site for finding alternative news. Just for the sake of curiosity why not go to George Soros' own web site, the Hungarian Jewish billionaire who says: "You have freedom and we want it now" and claims he can make Obama destroy whole economies without moving his lips. He has a residence there as well as here. Go to his web site and read it for yourself.

Rupert Murdoch, another billionaire but not as wealthy as George Soros. He instructed his FOX News debate moderators--Kelly, Bret Baier and Chris Wallace to hammer Trump on a variety of issues because he didn't like his stance on immigration. On the night of August 6, in front of 24 million people, the FOX moderators peppered Trump with harder hitting questions. But it was Kelly's questioning about crude comments toward women that he seemed personally wounded. How fair and balanced is this? (Your September 1 editorial perhaps could be catagorized with this same group.)

It is time for the silent majority to stand up and start being vocal, because silence means consent, and time is running out. Remember the signs years ago to join the Army and the words: "Uncle Sam needs you"? Now, in this moment of history it's "God needs you." Something weighing on your heart that you cannot shake off? That is God calling you. Do what he is asking. Together we have the answers.

Put down the TV remote and do some research on your own for once, instead of being spoon-fed your news, or "disinformation" as it truly is. Former CIA Director William Colby says, "The CIA owns everyone of any significance in the major media."

And former CIA Directory William Casey: "we'll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.

Ruth Treworgy


Elect Casas

I'm honored to write a letter of support for my brother Owen Casas, independent candidate for District 94. If I could vote for him I would, but I now live in another part of our great state.

We often joke in our large family (Owen is one of nine siblings born and raised here in Maine) about how Owen is the "favorite." While this may or may not be true, what is true is that Owen is well-loved, and with good reason. He is intensely loyal, smart, funny, the first to volunteer to stack wood, help with the dishes or a crying baby at a family party. He is quick to offer encouragement and a joke to someone who might be having a bad day. If your car is stuck in the ditch, Owen is the first to pull on his boots and head out the door.

On a recent family vacation, when one member of our family was found to be in immediate and potentially deadly distress, Owen, along with another brother, took quick and calm-headed action to rescue this family member. We expected nothing less from them, as Owen has demonstrated time and again in our family and his community that when things look bad, Owen is who you want at your side.

Owen loves his family, community, state and country. I say this as someone who has known him since the day he was born: he is honest, true, loyal and committed to serving those around him. My brother cares deeply and sincerely about the health of his community with regard to jobs, education, the environment and veterans programs. He is the best sort of leader — one who listens, understands, takes action and works alongside everyone, regardless of party affiliation, income or background.

If I lived in his district, I would vote for him in a heartbeat. If you live in Camden, Rockport or Islesboro, may I encourage you to take advantage of the opportunity you have to elect Owen Casas as representative for District 94.

Abbey Casas Rice


Independent for Miramant

I’m an independent voter and will be voting for Sen. Dave Miramant for District 12 on Nov. 8. Dave is a well-qualified leader who has a proven track record of working with his colleagues from all parties to craft bipartisan solutions. For example, he crafted a bill requiring the ferry service to install lockboxes on the state ferries for transportation of medical samples, removing an unnecessary burden for island residents. This bill received strong bipartisan support, and although vetoed by the Governor, Sen. Miramant was able to work across the aisle to gain the necessary two-thirds majority support of the legislature to override the veto. Sen. Miramant is also at the forefront of the fight for better education, veteran’s services, job creation and natural resource conservation.

Dave is always accessible, responds quickly and efficiently to constituents, and regularly attends community events. He is truly public-spirited and represents us well. Please join me in re-electing Senator Dave Miramant.

Tom Goettel

South Thomaston

An asset to Legislature

I met Dave Miramant for the first time when I was still in high school, over 10 years ago. As a youth, I was impressed by Dave’s thoughtfulness, work ethic, and genuine love for Maine and its people. Now, as a State Senator, he still embodies those values that inspired me all those years ago. During his last two years as our Senator, Dave has been an outspoken voice in Augusta, pushing for new jobs, clean energy, and protection of Maine's small businesses. He’s been an advocate for all, including some of our most vulnerable populations. Sen. Dave Miramant has also supported smart substance abuse treatment programs to help more addicted Mainers on the path to recovery. He is a strong, proven leader who actively listens to his constituents on all sides of the aisle, and represents us well and with integrity.

I’ve spent many hours campaigning for Dave — talking to friends, neighbors, and strangers about why he is not just a great fit for Knox County, but a significant asset to the Maine Legislature. Dave inspires me to do better and work harder. He’s never been afraid to push for meaningful change, even when sometimes that's a lonely path to walk. I am proud to support Dave Miramant again for State Senate. I hope you will join me to vote for Sen. Dave Miramant on Nov. 8!

Jacob Stern

St. George

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