Letters to the Editor, Sept. 15

Sep 15, 2016

Editorial critiquing LePage is 'troubling'

Your Sept. 1 editorial "Time to take government to task is very troubling indeed and plain to see was meant to stir up strife again as this "mystery" writer threw in the "race bait" card again at the very end. We all know our governor is not a racist, so that was a lie as well as many other untruths throughout this editorial. Nothing in it to help draw us together in unity, for who has the right to judge another mans servant?

Just eight years ago we had news medias that were fair and balanced. Now we have shrunk from 50 large media companies to just six....NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, FOX and viacom--UPN. There are other media entities, not as big but still influential, that follow the same exact set of directives. All it took to seize total media control was money and eight years.

But all is not lost, we outnumber the "powers that be" a million to one! They know it more than you do. Our best weapons are courage and truth. Use them wisely and we will finally get the "change" that we were falsely promised and so desperately need in this world.

A new coalition of independent reporters, film makers, broadcasters and authors have formed "The American Truth Network (ATN), a good site for finding alternative news. Just for the sake of curiosity why not go to George Soros' own web site, the Hungarian Jewish billionaire who says: "You have freedom and we want it now" and claims he can make Obama destroy whole economies without moving his lips. He has a residence there as well as here. Go to his web site and read it for yourself.

Rupert Murdoch, another billionaire but not as wealthy as George Soros. He instructed his FOX News debate moderators--Kelly, Bret Baier and Chris Wallace to hammer Trump on a variety of issues because he didn't like his stance on immigration. On the night of August 6, in front of 24 million people, the FOX moderators peppered Trump with harder hitting questions. But it was Kelly's questioning about crude comments toward women that he seemed personally wounded. How fair and balanced is this? (Your Sept. 1 editorial perhaps could be catagorized with this same group.)

It is time for the silent majority to stand up and start being vocal, because silence means consent, and time is running out. Remember the signs years ago to join the Army and the words: "Uncle Sam needs you"? Now, in this moment of history it's "God needs you." Something weighing on your heart that you cannot shake off? That is God calling you. Do what he is asking. Together we have the answers.

Put down the TV remote and do some research on your own for once, instead of being spoon-fed your news, or "disinformation" as it truly is. Former CIA Director William Colby says, "The CIA owns everyone of any significance in the major media."

And former CIA Directory William Casey: "We'll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false."

Ruth Treworgy


Backs Trask-Eaton

I've known Emmy Trask-Eaton since the '80s, when we were both parents of students in junior and senior high school in Waldoboro. It was comforting to discover other parents attentive to the needs of their children and their children's schoolmates. She was president of the Waldoboro PTA after a long inactive period for that organization.

As a former student and teacher of music herself, it was not surprising that Emmy was among many of us parents who stepped up to kick the Medomak Valley High School visual and performance arts programs into a much higher orbit. This was a great testament to what parents will come together to do for their children when leadership is available. Thank you, Emmy, for being part of that and for your part in two revivals of the Waldo Theatre.

In those days I also knew Emmy as the proprietor and often on-site manager of two Waldoboro retail stores I patronized. One, the historic, now gone Five and Ten, carried an astonishing number of day-to-day items we actually need. The other, Emmy's invention, offered the creative items that appeal to our fancy. During those years, Emmy also resurrected and for five years chaired Waldoboro Day, and she revived the Chamber of Commerce.

By the '90s, Emmy was preparing for her career as a family practice physician. Now, retired from that, she is willing to serve in the Legislature. I could not be more supportive. This is a very capable, disciplined woman, well grounded in the needs of people and their livelihoods in House District 91. You will find her easy to talk with as she makes her door-to-door rounds in Waldoboro, Friendship, Washington and the western part of Union. Please join me in voting for her to represent us in Augusta.

Carolyn Foster


Supports Goldberg

Many years ago I was part of Ellie Goldberg’s crew, restoring and painting houses and buildings in the Midcoast. We worked from June to October, rarely taking time off except when forced by rain. Ellie found, estimated and scheduled the jobs. She was a good boss and a seemingly tireless worker. She paid her people well and in return had high expectations. I have rarely worked so hard in my life!

Now I hear that, many lifetimes later, Ellie is running for public office; she wants to represent the people of House District 95 in the Maine Legislature. My advice to the people of Hope, Warren, Appleton and Union is, grab this opportunity and put Ellie to work for you -- her competence and work ethic guarantee that you will have the finest representation possible!

Karen Saum


Enthusiastic about Spear

I am writing to enthusiastically endorse John Spear as the Democratic candidate for our state representative from District 92, Cushing, Matinicus, St. George, South Thomaston and Thomaston. I have known John for many years and worked with him when he was the business manager for SAD 50 and I was the School Board chair. We worked closely on the many issues that face school boards, from budgets to negotiations, and these are the things I learned about John:

John is perhaps the most honest person I know.

John understands and has great respect for the public process. He firmly believes in the public's right to kno , to voice their opinions and to demand accountability from their elected officials.

John listens to all sides of any issue. He often played "devil's advocate" with me as we hashed out difficult decisions on the School Board so that we ensured that all facets of a problem were considered.

John has a great sense of humor and a quick wit, both of which are essential qualities when dealing with diverse issues and personalities.

John is inclusive. He is always sure to include the various opinions of his constituents in his decision-making. I trust John and know that he will always make the right decision, even if it is not the most popular.

John sees the big picture and is always well informed of the issues.

John is a hard worker and he will devote as much time as is required to get the job done and ensure that the citizens he represents are well served.

John posses all of these qualities that are essential for any elected official. I urge all voters in District 92 to make an effort to meet John during this election season. I am sure you will come away knowing that we could not have a more honest, truthful and hardworking person representing us in Augusta than John Spear.

Jamie Doubleday


Voting for Spear

As an unaffiliated voter, I am writing to support John Spear for state representative in District 92 on Nov. 8.

It was my good fortune to serve with John as a colleague for several years in MSAD 50 prior to our consolidation into RSU 13. John was our business manager at that time and I served as a central office administrator for special education and curriculum supervision. For many in administration and management positions, it is often articulated that one welcomes dissent. It is typically a leadership expression in a statement something like, “I appreciate when others disagree with me, because those exchanges help me grow and learn.”

What I have learned and experienced over time is that those who frequently express this noble notion – often don’t really mean it when it is truly put to the test. I can say with absolute certainty that this is not the case with John Spear. John always appreciated contrary views and opinions and welcomed them. Whenever we were struggling with policy issues, contractual disputes, facilities management, long-range planning or budget concerns, if there were opinions or proposed solutions that John was uncertain about – his watchword was always, “convince me.”

John loves nothing more than a courteous and informed exchange of principled views. This exemplifies a constant openness and genuine curiosity that authentically engages multiple viewpoints in problem-solving – which typically results in a unified resolution with constructive outcomes. This is a much-needed personal attribute and work ethic that John will certainly bring to the Augusta legislative arena.

A second attribute that I would like to emphasize is that John is a “hands on” kind of guy. It was never enough to simply know about an educational program initiative, or to accept a contractor’s intended scope of work. If a new educational program was being initiated, John would visit classrooms and interact with faculty so that he fully understood what we were doing and why. If facility enhancements were under way, John was frequently climbing a ladder to make sure that a roofing project or other endeavor was being done to contractual specifications. Although John is naturally curious about such things, it is also his way to ensure that the taxpayers’ resources are being utilized to the intended highest and best purposes. Again, I am certain that John will bring this same sense of accountability to legislative endeavors.

This is the John Spear that I know firsthand, and without reservation, I encourage all District 92 voters to vote for him Nov. 8. This is an opportunity to put party affiliation aside and vote for an individual who will be a credit to our community, and who will represent everyone’s best interest in Augusta to the very best of his ability.

Neal Guyer


Favors Miramant

I’m an independent voter and will be voting for Sen. Dave Miramant for District 12 Nov. 8. Dave is a well qualified leader who has a proven track record of working with his colleagues from all parties to craft bipartisan solutions. For example, he crafted a bill requiring the ferry service to install lockboxes on the state ferries for transportation of medical samples, removing an unnecessary burden for island residents. This bill received strong bipartisan support, and although it was vetoed by the governor, Sen. Miramant was able to work across the aisle to gain the necessary two-thirds majority support of the Legislature to override the veto. Sen. Miramant is also at the forefront of the fight for better education, veterans' services, job creation and natural resource conservation.

Dave is always accessible, responds quickly and efficiently to constituents, and regularly attends community events. He is truly public-spirited and represents us well. Please join me in re-electing Sen. Dave Miramant.

Tom Goettel

South Thomaston

Re-elect Miramant

I met Dave Miramant for the first time when I was still in high school, over 10 years ago. As a youth, I was impressed by Dave’s thoughtfulness, work ethic, and genuine love for Maine and its people. Now, as a state senator, he still embodies those values that inspired me all those years ago. During his last two years as our senator, Dave has been an outspoken voice in Augusta, pushing for new jobs, clean energy and protection of Maine's small businesses. He’s been an advocate for all, including some of our most vulnerable populations. Sen. Dave Miramant has also supported smart substance abuse treatment programs to help more addicted Mainers on the path to recovery. He is a strong, proven leader who actively listens to his constituents on all sides of the aisle, and represents us well and with integrity.

I’ve spent many hours campaigning for Dave -- talking to friends, neighbors, and strangers about why he is not just a great fit for Knox County, but a significant asset to the Maine Legislature. Dave inspires me to do better and work harder. He’s never been afraid to push for meaningful change, even when sometimes that's a lonely path to walk. I am proud to support Dave Miramant again for state Senate. I hope you will join me to vote for Sen. Dave Miramant on Nov. 8!

Jacob Stern

St. George

Who's crazy?

You know that from time to time I open the Encyclopedia Britannica at random and read for a few minutes.

Today I read about a Frenchman who lived in France around 1380.

It said that the English had come down to France and burned his house.

It said that he hated the English.

Americans would find this strange.

Why should you hate people from another country just because they descend upon your town and burn down your house?

Most of my neighbors would think nothing of it if Norwegians burned down their house and killed their spouse and children.

Americans believe that it is normal to go into another country and burn down houses. When the survivors then strap bombs around their bodies and try to blow up as many people as possible, Americans think that these people are crazy.

Robert Karl Skoglund

St. George

Time to act on climate change

This summer, I spent most of my time outside building a boat. It’s to be expected that summer days will be long and hot, but this summer was different. It was definitely hotter and more humid than what I remember from past summers. I found myself having to drink a lot more water and take frequent breaks throughout the day.

A nurse from a local hospital confirmed what I had suspected when she indicated that she had seen more patients this summer suffering from dehydration and heat stroke. This summer has been hotter than usual and impacting residents.

According to NASA, each of the first six months of 2016 set records as the warmest respective month globally in the modern temperature record. Climate change is real and it is having a noticeable impact here in Maine. We need to do something about climate change, and the Clean Power Plan, which would cut carbon emissions from power plants by 30 percent by 2030, is a great place to start. If we don’t take action on climate soon, our beautiful, temperate Maine summer days will be a thing of the past.

Morgan Rogers


'Birthday Bash' raises funds for ambulance service

"Sal's Birthday Bash" fundraiser for the St. George Ambulance Service Aug. 27 was a big success. I would like to thank the St. George Fire Dept. for the use of their tents and facilities, the Monday Night Jam musicians,and Dewayne Wight for the sound system. I also thank Wal-Mart, Shaw's, Lowes, Dunkin Donuts, Hannaford, and Tim's Farm for their contributions.

I also thank Rick Freeman, Tim Polky, Randy Elwell, Justin Long and their helpers for roasting and carving the pig and chickens. Thank you to all who made salads and desserts. Thank you to Cheryl Long, Melanie Dennison and Brandi Moores and their helpers for getting the food ready and out. A big thank-you to all who donated to the St. George Ambulance Service.

Sally Long

St. George

Thanks from Art of the Sea owners

We want to thank everyone in Rockland, Camden, South Thomaston and all of Knox County for the more than 21 years you have given us.

As of Oct. 1, Art of the Sea galleries will cease retail business in our main gallery in South Thomaston after 21+ years, plus many with our locations in Camden and Rockland.

You all made us the largest and best pure nautical art gallery in the nation, but time goes on and we grow older.

Thank you.

Tad and Joan Woodhull

Thank you from Knights of Pythias

Thank you to Staples, Dow Furniture, Lowes, Walmart, Lash Lobster Wharf and Heritage Lobster for donations to my charity, Knights of Pythias. All proceeds went to Alzheimer's of Maine.

Lloyd Gray Sr.,

Grand Chancellor,

Grand Domain of Maine


Gibbs Library thank you

Gibbs Library took on a new fundraiser this year, a food table at the AKC Dog Show at the Union Fairgrounds over Labor Day weekend. We had huge support from the volunteers who baked and staffed the sale. Thank you for all your hard work.

We had a great time, fed a lot of people and saw a lot of great dogs. The Washington Library Association would like to give giant thanks to The Washington General Store and the Union Common Market for their support . We would also like to thank FishLips, Hannaford's, PepsiCo, Borealis Breads and Beth's Farm Market for their help.

The Gibbs Library, the cornerstone of Washington's downtown crossroads, is a largely volunteer organization, celebrating 23 years of operation. It has been providing the public with a wonderful book and DVD collection, public internet access, and a large variety of community events. Please follow us online at our website for our hours of operation and upcoming events.

Carol Sloane

Joan Freiman

Co-Chairs of the Dog Show Food Table Fundraiser

Youth baseball program says thanks

The Medomak Babe Ruth program would like to thank the communities, businesses and individuals that have supported Medomak Babe Ruth this season. We would like to start by thanking the parents and grandparents who provided transportation and moral support.

We also want to thank Kyle Santheson and the town of Waldoboro for the use and upkeep of Begley Field and Matt Lash for the use of the Medomak Valley High School Field. We would like to thank our assistant coaches, Bill Post, Ryan Jackson and Marty Creamer, as well as our bookkeeper, Shep Brown, too. Finally, we would like to thank the boys for their efforts throughout the season. It was a pleasure to work with you. The Waldoboro and Union Farm Equipment teams represented their communities very well, but this would not have been possible if not for the financial support of the generous folks listed below:

Union Farm Equipment, Horch Roofing, Knox Machine, Mid-Coast Diesel, Simmons Lobster Wharf, Ande’s Variety, Hammond Tractor, R&D Trash Removal, Hillside Collision Center, Moody’s Diner, The First Bank, RZR Hardware, Lash Realty, Dow Furniture, Viking Lumber, Maple Lane Builders, town of Friendship, town of Washington, town of Union, town of Warren.

Jake Emerson

Ben Vail


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