Jan. 2, 2014

Letters, Camden Herald

Jan 02, 2014


To our wonderful community:

Cedric and I would like to thank everyone for the love, thoughts and generous donations to our family after news of our plight appeared in the Portland Press Herald and our local Camden newspapers. Never did we expect so much attention and generosity and we feel overwhelmed with gratitude. We will now be able to stay in our home for the next year or so at least thanks to everyone’s help.

Thank you all and happy holidays,

Pauline Long



Support for zone change

So much has been said and written about the proposed Fox Hill residential substance abuse treatment facility and the accompanying requested zoning exception, I barely know where to begin. I have attended every meeting of the planning board regarding the requested zoning change. If you live in Camden or anywhere else in the surrounding area and read the local newspapers, you are undoubtedly familiar with the particulars.

At this point I would like to go on record as a supporter of the zoning exception and the facility. I simply don’t see the downside. Every possible objection to the facility has been satisfactorily addressed. What is left is a substantial list of benefits to the area.

The property will be leased and property taxes will continue at the current rate. No one is asking for a tax break here.

An economic analysis states that the annual economic impact of the facility will be in the neighborhood of $3.5 million. State and local taxes combined with fees generated, will be in the area of $370,000.

The treatment facility would support 29 full-time jobs. The collateral benefit of these positions is manifested in year-round support of local businesses.

The applicant has a pretty impressive pedigree as well. McLean Hospital, an affiliate of Massachusetts General Hospital and a major teaching facility of Harvard Medical School, has several facilities already established around the country. They are well known for being considerate, committed neighbors and for their community involvement through education and outreach programs.

And let’s not forget the fact that these dedicated professionals do good work! They help people turn their lives around. They are caring and committed and the kind of people Camden would be proud to call citizens.

When both sides of the ledger are tallied, and you consider all of these benefits with absolutely no harm to the neighborhood, the balance seems to clearly tilt in favor of a treatment facility at Fox Hill. It will be a positive and beneficial addition to our community.

Anna Glass


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